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Who says you can’t wear bling in the day? Its one of my favourite things to do…especially in the winters when the cold has a way of dampening your spirits. Bling is almost like a remedy in such times. Of late, I have had my eye on the new Marquee collection by Vero Moda which is their collaboration with Karan Johar. They have mini-collections that they keep introducing regularly and can be shopped at Jabong.
Marquee by Vero Moda | | full front jacket on
I was feeling particularly bleh for a work meeting I had scheduled but it was something I HAD to do so to pep myself a bit, I decided to throw in some shine in the otherwise formal and dark attire. I took pieces from the ‘Hide & Seek’ & ‘Nocturnal Rendezvous’ collection from Marquee by Vero Moda, threw on a basic black blazer because it has become a bit cold for sleeveless tops here in Delhi.
Marquee by Vero Moda | | half front jacket on

Marquee by Vero Moda | | full front jacket off
While dark colored outfits have a way of looking more formal and serious, I do have the freedom of wearing literally whatever I want since I work for myself. That’s where I introduced the embellished top and fun necklace. A pop of color with red nails to tie the entire look together.
Marquee by Vero Moda | | necklace closeup

Marquee by Vero Moda | | full front both arms raised
The mock-wrap matte trousers from the ‘Hide & Seek’ collection definitely make for an interesting visual point. Super comfy, they can be worn throughout the day. The embellished top is from the ‘Nocturnal Rendezvous’ collection which is literally covered in silver embellishments to make it look super slick but not in a ‘over-the-top’ way. The silver is muted and only catches light at particular angles.
Marquee by Vero Moda | | half front glasses off

Marquee by Vero Moda | | full side

Marquee by Vero Moda | | half front jacket off

Marquee by Vero Moda | | rings

Hope you like my outfit. I would love to know how you would style these two pieces together or differently.
Here is also a quick behind-the-scenes video I tried during the shoot! Lemme know what you think!

See the entire collection on the Vero Moda Marquee Website. All these fabulous pieces and the rest of the collections can also be shopped at Myntra.
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