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I was in luck recently when Eliano Bou Assi, manager of artistry & education at Bobbi Brown cosmetics was in town for the launch of their new star product – The Skin Foundation Stick and I had the chance to get my very own personal makeup lesson by Eliano himself, called ‘Secret to Perfect Skin’.
Had to take a selfie with him once the lesson was over ofcourse.
Perfect Skin Makeup Lesson | Bobbi Brown | | selfie with Eliano Bou Assi
This particular lesson is all about getting flawless skin while looking naturally radiant and enhancing your own facial features. It is more about working with your skin rather than trying to cover it up in layers of makeup which is a philosophy I could get used to. The makeup lessons at Bobbi Brown are one of their best features because they aim at teaching women on how to be their own makeup artists and experts. While you can walk into any Bobbi Brown store and get most of the lessons complimentary, there are a few which are chargeable.
Perfect Skin Makeup Lesson | Bobbi Brown | | variety of lessons
I will be sharing with you the 10 steps that were involved from start to finish in my lesson. It’s not complicated at all and fairly easy to remember once you have tried it on yourself.
Perfect Skin Makeup Lesson | Bobbi Brown | | Skin Foundation Stick in focus
The Skin Foundation Stick by Bobbi Brown is a very portable and travel-friendly form of foundation which can be used for a quick touch-up when you’re out of time or a full blown cover-up tool with a very buildable texture. Famous for its creamy yet light texture, the stick is now suitable for oily-combination skins as well. Yay for me!
Perfect Skin Makeup Lesson | Bobbi Brown | | Skin Foundation Stick Swatch
I love that it has oil & shine control and is very easy to apply, even with your fingers. Fragrance free and quite moisturizing, you will never feel your skin too tight or dry. I only wish it had some sun protection in it to make it an absolute all-rounder.

Moving on to the 10 steps pf my make-up lesson. Here are some of the products that were used for my makeup lesson and look:
Perfect Skin Makeup Lesson | Bobbi Brown | | products in packaging

Perfect Skin Makeup Lesson | Bobbi Brown | | products opened
1) Skincare. Eliano began with prepping my skin with some moisturizing face and eye cream so that the foundation & concealer go on smoothly and don’t settle into creases.

2) He then used a peach-toned corrector for my under-eye circles. After this went on a yellow-toned concealer one shade lighter than my skin tone to lift the eyes visually.

3) Next up was The Skin Foundation Stick to cover up red areas and slight blemishes. You can apply this foundation with either a brush, a sponge or even your fingers.
Perfect Skin Makeup Lesson | Bobbi Brown | | Skin Foundation Stick in hand

4) The foundation was set with some sheer face powder so that it doesn’t settle into creases and fine lines. After this, a warm glow was added using a bronzer on the forehead, cheeks, nose & chin.

5) Next came my favourite part – the blush. The trick to applying a blush is to put on just enough to look like you have just had a great workout. Put too much and you can end up looking like you’re ready for the circus. Another great tip to make your cheeks pop is to top your everyday-blush with a brighter blush.

6) The lips were next to be done. I went for a fun purple lipstick after Eliano had put on a matching lip liner to avoid any feathering of the lipstick.
Perfect Skin Makeup Lesson | Bobbi Brown | | lip colors

7) Eliano then defined my eyebrows using a an eye definer brush with some brown (never black) color. If you are using a brow pencil, you should always draw short hair-like lines to make it look natural.

8) Then comes a slight shimmery eye-shadow all over the lid for a glam touch in the look.
Perfect Skin Makeup Lesson | Bobbi Brown | | eye shadow pot

9) After this Eliano applied gel eyeliner with such great expertise, it was magic to watch him work. The trick with eyeliner is to make sure that the line is thick enough to be visible when the eyes are open.

10) Finish it off with lots of mascara and you are ready.
Perfect Skin Makeup Lesson | Bobbi Brown | | products opened closeup
The great thing about this lesson was that it was the first time eyes were the last to be finished in the look rather than the lips which is usually what I do. Eliano explained that the advantage of doing your lips first is that you can then decide better how strong you want your eyes to be in comparison to the lips depending on what look or mood you are going for. BEST. TIP. EVER. Eliano was kind enough to make me my very own makeup sheet as well.
Perfect Skin Makeup Lesson | Bobbi Brown | | Eliano Bou Assi filling makeup sheet
That is what it looks like:
Perfect Skin Makeup Lesson | Bobbi Brown | | makeup sheet

Perfect Skin Makeup Lesson | Bobbi Brown | | final look with stick
Hope you enjoyed this post and picked up a few things on the way. In what order do you usually do your makeup?I would love to know!
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{ All products have been sent across as samples by the PR }

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