{ Black + White + Brown }

Somedays all you need is the basics in your life (and outfit). With so much visual stimulation and outfits everywhere online and on your insta feed, it can get a bit overwhelming at times. While our wardrobes may literally be overflowing, our minds seem to be blocked more often than not regarding what to wear. On days like these the BEST idea is to stick to basics. While usually basics mean a white shirt and denims for some and a whole different thing for some others, I am talking more about the color palette you choose to adopt for your outfit. With me, in this case being the simple combination of black,white and brown.
Black + White + Brown | www.akanksharedhu.com | full front holding bag
While the actual outfit is only black and white, I decided to not make it too boring by adding the classic tan leather bag in the mix for a relaxed, yet interesting outfit. Interesting mostly because of the print element. These trousers are a great pick me up for days when you can’t decide what to wear. Pair them with either a cream or a black top and your look is complete!
Black + White + Brown | www.akanksharedhu.com | full side

Black + White + Brown | www.akanksharedhu.com | bag details
The Hidesign bag I’ve got is another thing of beauty. From the newly launched Limited Edition ‘Icon Collection’, this is the ‘Grazia Bag’ inspired from the flapper times. The Icon Collection mainly features some of the earliest bags made by Hidesign which were a pure expression of their love for travel, clean design and adventure. These bags have stood the test of time for the last 35 years and are clearly a collectible for anybody’s wardrobe. Spacious and visually elegant and powerful at the same time, this bag is a classic piece.
Black + White + Brown | www.akanksharedhu.com | full back

Black + White + Brown | www.akanksharedhu.com | half front

Black + White + Brown | www.akanksharedhu.com | full front hands on waist

{ Outfit Details }
Top: Zara
Sunglasses: Vintage Ray-Ban
Pants: StalkBuyLove
Bag: Hidesign Icon Collection | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest |
Shoes: Forever21

Hope you enjoyed the post! I would love to know what you would wear these printed pants with.
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* Location courtesy Coast Cafe, Ogaan, New Delhi
* Photographs courtesy Naina.co

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