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Being a natural brand, Innisfree lays a lot of emphasis on using the benefits of nature for healthy skin. Most of their ingredients come from the island of Jeju and the brand itself works towards preserving the balance of nature. I got to try a few of their star products that I have now been using for over a month. The products that I tried out were:
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~ The Green Tea Seed Serum
~ Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask
~ Green Tea Pure Body Gel Scrub
~ Sheet Masks – Cucumber & Green Tea

The green tea seed serum
Made from organic green tea seeds, this serum is said to be very moisturizing & nourishing. It has a slightly milky and watery texture that is spread very easily. I reckon one and a half pumps are enough for the entire face and neck. What I like most about this product is that is it free from paraben, artificial coloring, mineral oil and animal ingredients. The serum gets absorbed fairly quickly into the skin and does not feel heavy or greasy at all. After spreading the serum on the skin it takes about 2 minutes to completely disappear. While the fragrance of this serum is quite pleasant, I find it to be too over-powering for a serum that is supposed to be applied daily.
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Personally I apply this serum only during the day time as it acts as a good moisturizing product and keeps the skin supple. However, since it does not have any other powerful properties, I do not use this at night because I prefer using more intensive products for the night time.
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Super volcanic pore clay mask
This mask literally contains the Jeju volcanic scoria capsules, that is hardened lava and is supposed to be the sebum-absorbing ingredient. This clay mask is said to be free from artificial pigments, fragrance, parabens, ethanol, animal ingredients and mineral oil. It is meant to tighten the pores, exfoliate dead skin cells, remove sebum, deep cleanse the pores, enhance skin tone and give a cooling effect. While this may be a long list of responsibilities for one tiny tub of clay mask, I found that it pretty much does all of this.
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Originally the texture is supposed to be a heavy clay-ey and thick. However the product that I received seemed dried out unfortunately so I had to take out a bit using the back of my nail, mix it with water and then apply it on my face. I kept the mask on for about 20-25 minutes till it completely dries up. After I spread the product on the face,it starts acting and giving a very noticeable cooling effect that lasts till you remove the mask. The mask gets washed off like any other mask and once you pat dry your face you can tell the difference immediately.
Beauty Stash | Innisfree | | with clay mask on
My pores were much smaller and refined, skin felt firmer, and very smooth (because of the diminished pores). So smooth infact that it had a sheen on it. Super slick. While this effect fades after a couple of hours, it is still very impressive and I find myself using this mask before going out with makeup because it makes the skin so much more easier to apply makeup on.It acts like a mega primer. And its natural. WIN.

Green tea pure body gel scrub
Again made from organic green tea from the island of Jeju, this scrub has natural scrub particles that enhance the skin’s exfoliation. The scrub also lathers a bit in the shower so its easy to spread.
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Sheet masks
Sheet masks are always a fun thing to carry when you are travelling. That’s where I usually tend to use them since they are so easy to use. The cucumber mask is really refreshing, especially in the summers. I personally keep it in the refrigerator if I am using it at home for that extra refreshing feeling. The green tea mask, like the green tea seed serum is moisturizing and nourishing.
Beauty Stash | Innisfree | | sheet masks

Hope you enjoyed reading this post.
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