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Trying out new beauty products is something that never fails to excite me. As vain as that may sound to some, you’ll only know it if you try it! And when international websites that have a humongous variety of beauty brand on offer, officially introduce shipping to India it always creates a buzz in the online community. Which is why, when started catering to the Indian beauty market, I HAD to check it out.
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Apart from having exotic, luxe and well known beauty brands for purchase which you normally won’t find in Indian stores or websites, the other impressive part about Luxola is their super-fast delivery, easy website navigation, prices in ₹ and a social media team that will put most Indian beauty teams to shame. Which is why it comes as no surprise that Luxola has gained popularity and a fan-base with stupendous speed. Another customer-friendly aspect about Luxola is that they include duties in the product price so that you never have to pay anything at your doorstep.
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Now on to the most fun part – the beauty products I got to experience. I have been using these products for more than a month now and can’t wait to share what I think of them. The products I tried out were:

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Healing and Soothing Mask – Mario Badescu
This subtle white jar has the most gentle face mask I have ever used. Especially meant for irritated and inflamed skin, because of acne or using other harsh products, the texture of the mask is quite creamy. Although it is perfect for dry skin types with acne, this mask was a breath of fresh air for my oily acne-prone skin as well. Since I do use a bit of drying products which tend to flake my skin, the healing and soothing mask was exceptionally favourable.
Current Beauty Faves | Luxola | | mario badescu tropical
Usage of this mask is something that you have to get used to beacuse of its unique non-hardening property. The mask never dries up like the usual ones. It stays on and has to be removed using warm water. It is a bit time-consuming to completely remove the mask from the skin. Which is why it is best to use this product on a weekend at night so that you can leave out the residue on your skin and sleep with it. No harm if you can’t manage to completely remove the substance. And your skin comes out the calmest you will ever see it to be.
Current Beauty Faves | Luxola | | with badescu mask on
I use this mask once a week for a luxurious pampering treat for my facial skin.
Rating: 8/10
Current Beauty Faves | Luxola | | cc cream tropical
CC Renew Cream – Rachel K Cosmetics
This CC cream is meant to be anti-aging and complexion correcting. Having Korean deep sea water, this is siad to be heavily loaded with minerals. It has a slightly medical fragrance to it which disappears in a minute or two. The Medium shade suits my skin tone very well. This CC cream does not provide too much coverage. So if you have scars or acne marks, you will definitely need a concealer over the CC cream. I use this cream as a daily pick-me-up for some instant glow on the face and dab on concealer on spots I want to hide. It is a fabulous product to use regularly and great for day-wear when you don’t have any time for makeup.
Rating: 6/10
Current Beauty Faves | Luxola | | cc cream back

Current Beauty Faves | Luxola | | bb cream in hand
Silver Label Rejuvenating BB Cream by Dr. Jart
This BB cream by the extremely famous Dr. Jart beauty brand has THE heaviest coverage I have ever seen in any BB or CC cream. And this makes me very happy. You can tell just by the creamy and pigmented texture that this is a heavy-duty product. The spf 35+ makes this a very versatile product that you can carry for your day trips instead of makeup. Meant especially for concealing scars and spots, this product also brightens the spots at the same time to even out the complexion. I additionally use this cream as a highlighter and for brightening my under eyes. I would not suggest applying this all over your face as a base because it may tend to make the skin look a bit ashen because of its whitish tinge and from what I’ve seen, warmer tones suit Indian skin the best. Love that this product is fragrance-free and suits my sensitive oily skin so nicely.
Rating: 7.5/10
Current Beauty Faves | Luxola | | bb cream back

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Current Beauty Faves | Luxola | | koh gen do
Oriental Plants Night Moisture Mask – Koh Gen Do
Koh Gen Do is a luxury skincare brand from Japan. Even the instructions and details at the back of the bottle are in Japanese. The night moisture mask is a leave-on mask which doesn’t really seem like a mask. It is in gel form and does not have to be rinsed out. Containing tiny granules that emulsify on rubbing the product and help with its absorption. I love the fact that this product has no alcohol or fragrance in it. It’s a lovely lightweight gel that is perfect for my oily skin. The skin absorbs it like a dream and you wake up with super supple and happy skin.
I usually apply my night serum before I apply this mask. Double awesomeness for your skin all night long.
Even though this is a product I could use for the rest of my life since its pretty much flawless, I do feel that it is a bit overpriced for what it delivers.
Rating: 8/10
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Current Beauty Faves | Luxola | | alphah tropical
Liquid Gold Intensive Night Repair Serum – Alpha-H
This has been hands-down my absolute favourite product from all these. And when they say ‘Intensive’, they MEAN it. This is literally magic in a bottle. With strong ingredients like vitamin A, glycolic & hyaluronic acid, you can feel the product work the moment you apply it on your face. While it says to apply around 2-3 pumps, I really need about a pump and a half for my face and neck since this product spreads very easily. The effectiveness of this fabulous product can be felt just after 24 hours. I applied this product for the night, the stinging lasted a good 30-45 minutes and my skin was visibly plumper the next morning. I have personally never seen a beauty product work this fast.
Current Beauty Faves | Luxola | | texture of alphah
Because this is quite a strong product, I don’t use it daily. About twice or thrice a week is good enough for me. Will definitely be buying this product once my bottle runs out.
Rating: 8.75/10 (because I have never given 9 to any one. I know…I’d make a mean teacher)
Current Beauty Faves | Luxola | | aplhah full front

Current Beauty Faves | Luxola | | 3 in hand
Hope you guys enjoyed reading my reviews of the Luxola products. If you have tried some other product from Luxola, I would love to hear your experience with it.
Use the code ‘LX-REDHU‘ at checkout for a 20% discount while shopping at Luxola!
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