Himalayan Road Trip | Sony Xperia Z3

Each time I visit the mountains, I come back feeling so much lighter. The mighty Himalayas have a way of teaching you that you are a tiny creature in the matter of this planet and when all such feelings of importance and vanity lift off, you truly feel zen. The massive beauty is something that can never really be summed up in words or even photographs. You really have to be there to see it, to take it all in. But photographs always help out a little bit.
Himalayan Road Trip | Sony Xperia Z3 | driving from pang to sarchu
Being officials for the Raid De Himalaya, 2014, we were off on the road again. This time I was accompanied by a brand new freshly launched Sony Xperia Z3 with which I captured my journey and am now sharing with you. All photographs you see in this post have been clicked using the Sony Xperia Z3 except the screenshots and the pics in which you can see the device itself.
Himalayan Road Trip | Sony Xperia Z3 | using the phone close up
The Sony Xperia Z3 being super slim, in an aluminium frame is deceivingly enduring and adventure friendly. I was skeptical at first at the thought of carrying it with me without any sort of cover throughout the entire journey. I did it anyway and I’m happy to report its in one piece. The Xperia Z3 stood through a LOT of dust, very high altitudes (read 15,000 feet at Kunzum La), bumpy roads (no wait…no roads), snow and even water. Yes you can take this phone inside the pool with you. Details of that coming in the next post.
Himalayan Road Trip | Sony Xperia Z3 | from Kumzun La towards Losar landcruiser
More about the road trip. Here is the route we charted. Delhi –> Junga –> Shimla –> Narkanda –> Manali via Jalori pass –> Rohtang Pass –> Gramphoo -> Batal –> Kunzum La (pass) –> Kaza –> Komet –> Kaza –> Gramphoo –> Barlach La (pass) –> Sarchu –> Pang –> Debring –> Daat –> Sarchu –> Jispa –> Darcha –> Shingo La (pass) –> Darcha –> same way back to Manali. It was a 13 day long trip and the Xperia Z3 had a robust battery life. On days that had heavy camera usage, the phone would run for about a day and a half. This included recording videos and even listening to some music on the go. Since the network range was barely existent in most parts of the trip, there was not much usage for making and taking calls or even data usage.
Basking in the sunlight at Chattru.
Himalayan Road Trip | Sony Xperia Z3 | Chattru post
The Sony Xperia Z3 is loaded with fun and interesting camera apps that can keep you busy for days!! There are still some features that I haven’t explored but am dying to. For example the ‘Face In’ app. A screenshot of the kind of apps you will find pre-loaded.
Himalayan Road Trip | Sony Xperia Z3 | camera features screenshot
Capturing a rally participant in motion. The gypsy is zipping past our post here in Kaza.
Himalayan Road Trip | Sony Xperia Z3 | Kaza post rally car
The bright display of the screen is quite mesmerizing. It is brighter that most phones and the pictures appear really vibrant and attractive.
Himalayan Road Trip | Sony Xperia Z3 | landscape shot in phone
Taking a break and upto no good here jumping about at 4,444 metres above sea level.
Himalayan Road Trip | Sony Xperia Z3 | jumping at 4444mt
If you know me well enough, you will also know that no phone ever went by me without me clicking a selfie with it. Thats me in the strong sun and a stronger blue woolly cap at Kaza. Hello! It is also easier to click selfies in the Xperia Z3 because you don’t have to click at the camera button to take the picture. The phone detects that it is being used for a selfie and you can click anywhere on the screen to take the picture. #win
Himalayan Road Trip | Sony Xperia Z3 | selfie in blue cap
At Kunzum La (4,600 metres above sea level). A few days after this it snowed heavily and we were stuck in the snow for about 6 hours because cars before us couldn’t move.
Himalayan Road Trip | Sony Xperia Z3 | at Kunzum La
That is a panorama shot of almost 360 degrees of when we were stuck in snow after Kunzum La for about 6 hours. All the bare brown mountains had turned blinding white.
Himalayan Road Trip | Sony Xperia Z3 | pano of being stuck in snow
After getting free from the ‘snow-jam’ we headed towards Batal, had some piping hot ‘Rajma-Chawal’ and made our way towards Gramphoo. One of the rally cars had a flat tyre during this transport phase so we stopped and helped out. It was cold, wet and snowing so I decided to take more pics!
Himalayan Road Trip | Sony Xperia Z3 | from batal to gramphoo 2 rally cars
The best feature of the Sony Xperia Z3 hands down is the speaker quality. It is literally magical when you listen to your favourite song on full volume on this phone. I haven’t managed to find this quality in any cellphone that I have gotten my hands on till date.
Himalayan Road Trip | Sony Xperia Z3 | fav song screenshot
All in all it was a great experience using the Xperia Z3. Lovely picture quality/camera, superior than most sound quality and easy to record stable videos.

Priced at around ₹ 52,000/- the Sony Xperia Z3 is a powerful phone packed with delightful features that will keep you occupied for a long time. A great phone to take selfies and a much brighter screen this phone is a boon for visual people like me. I was also pleasantly surprised by it’s battery life and how sturdy yet sleek the device is.
Himalayan Road Trip | Sony Xperia Z3 | using phone large pic
Watch out for my next post where I will talk about some more very interesting features of the Sony Xperia Z3 and do what I do best – dip it into some ‘fashion’
Hope you enjoyed this post!

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