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While most Indian Jewelery brands are still quite ‘old-fashioned’ or traditional in their philosophies, designs and even approach, there are a few who have moved forward and embraced modernism in forms of their jewelry design, their ideal woman, occassions on which they would like their pieces to be worn and even embracing social media. JaipurGems is one such label I have recently been introduced to.

The House of Jaipur Gems is over 700 years old and the exquisite craftsmanship on each and every piece of theirs has carved out a niche for them – each design is limited edition. The intricacy and attention-to-detail is a beauty in itself to look at apart from the finished jewelry. When I see jewelry houses break free from their traditional design limitations, try something new and focus on the newer generation of women as well, I truly become a fan. While I do love getting dressed up for weddings, there aren’t more than 3-4 of these that I attend in a year. So if I were to have really heavy traditional jewelery, I would end up wearing it very rarely. And I for one, like to use all my accessories and jewelry as regularly as I can. So, it really makes a difference if there are modern, versatile and gorgeous jewelry designs available in the market. And JaipurGems is one such option for ladies like me.

The variety of designs ranges from your uber traditional to simply modern and contemporary jewelry pieces. I do love wearing traditional jewelry as well but you will always find me trying to add a twist somewhere. I usually like combining jewelry even with western wear and my daily outfits. Heavy jewelry makes for one hell of a statement accessory and nobody can deny that. I have picked out 5 of my absolute favourites from the brand new collection ‘Gorgeous Gold’ by JaipurGems. Have a look.

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(1) Fern Leaf Gold Kada (Cuff)
This is such a lovely modern design and gold statement cuffs are all the rage currently. This piece can be worn with all your westsern outfits and even traditional ones. Stack it with lots of delicate gold bangles or wear it by itself.
(2) Criss-cross abstract gold necklace
This will make for such a conversation starter. Imagine this with a crisp white shirt, dark blue denims, tan leather heels and a pashmina shawl around your shoulders. Absolutely flawless!
(3) Gold earrings
These are similar to chaand-baalis and have a definite traditional feel to them but I personally love these jhumka type of earrings and have worn these with traditional indian-wear as well as an ivory shift dress. Gold is especially a lovely color that enhances Indian skin tone and goes really well with it.
(4) Gold necklace
This necklace is a part of a set along with the previous earrings. For a heavy traditional look you can wear both of them together or even as separates with western outfits.
(5) Gold Clutch
This clutch made in gold is a complete pièce de résistance. It is the epitome of unbelievable craftsmanship and is on the top of my #Lustlist. I would ideally carry this with a black body-con dress or even cream colored. Because the piece itself has such intricacy and detailing to it, I would keep the rest of my outfit subtle to showcase the true beauty of this clutch. Just WOW!

Which of these is your favourite? I would love to know.
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