It’s official. I’m in love with the body scrubs from SkinYoga. After discovering them on Instagram, I was definitely intrigued by this natural skincare brand. And they happily sent across the prettiest wooden box of their best-selling products for me to try. Owned by three sisters, SkinYoga is a beauty brand that is targeted towards people who are interested in including natural ingredients in their lifestyle for balanced beauty.
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I have been using these products for about a month now and absolutely love everything I tried. But the stars have to be the body scrubs for me. The products that I have been using are:
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And now more about my favouritest – THE COFFEE BODY SCRUB
While this is ideally meant for reducing cellulite and stretch marks, let me start off by telling you that no topical cream or product can achieve drastic results in both those categories. Having said that this one is THE most delicious scrubs I have ever used on my body. With Ground Coffee Beans, Pure Coconut Oil, Pure Sesame Oil its a treat for the skin.
I usually do my body scrubs once a week over the weekend for a home-spa kind of day.
It says that you should use the scrub before your regular shower but I use it after I have used my regular shower gel. 2 handfuls will be enough for the entire body.
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The natural oils in the product leave the skin so very supple and happy in the shower that I don’t even use a moisturizer afterwards. And the skin has a coffee toffee fragrance to it that you just can’t get enough of. It may sound weird but I feel like biting my arms after using this product.

Containing Barley Powder, Pure Coconut Meal, Pure Neem Leaves this is a lovely cleansing scrub for the body. Apart from using this after my workouts, I especially like using this scrub post waxing. It removes any residual wax, gently scrubs away dead cells and naturally moisturizes the skin as well. Like the previous scrub, I use this after I’m done with my shampooing and shower gel.
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The fragrance of the neem leaves is not too strong so you won’t smell bitter after you’re done. The coconut meal does the scrubbing and also leaves the skin baby soft. So you don’t need moisturizer again.

The green tea face mask has Rice Flour and Organic Green Tea which makes it a lovely daily usage product if you have the time or a pampering weekend ritual like I do. Especially meant for acne prone skin like mine, the green tea provides anti-oxidants and is also said to be a natural guard against the sun.
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It doesn’t dry out the skin completely but I do need to use a moisturizer afterwards.
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This product contains Walnut, Sandalwood and Saffron and is essentially an anti-aging mask which helps with dark spots, improves elasticity of the skin and brings more oxygen to the cells.
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While the directions say to mix a few drops of water to the powder to form a paste, I usually add a few drops of milk instead of water. I’m smart like that. I apply the paste, let it dry and then with wet fingers scrub my face before washing it away. I use this scrub about twice in a week.
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Like I said before, the body scrubs are so damn good, I don’t want them to get over.
Here are some more body scrubs to try:
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