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While I try my best to keep my skincare routine as basic and simple as possible, my oily-combination characteristic and a resident stubborn acne problem always have me on my toes – trying different products (some work while some don’t). Right here are my regular featuring skincare products that I use daily on my face, some even twice or thrice (depending on the size of the problem)
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(1) Estee Lauder – Advanced Night Repair Eye Cream
My night time eye cream. Complete review HERE.

(2) The Body Shop – Tea Tree Oil
Each time I wash my face with the (6) face-wash, I apply my eye cream (1), and then apply the Tea Tree oil all over my face to get rid of any remaining bacteria. This is especially helpful with acne.

(3) Chanel – Le Lift Crème Fine
On days my skin is calm and behaving properly, I apply this lifting cream over-night. Its a luxurious treatment that leaves the facial skin super soft and supple in the morning. I use this about once a week. Complete review HERE.

(4) La Roche-Posay – Effaclar Duo Dual Action Acne Treatment
This is literally my magic wand for the acne issues that I have. With 5.5% Benzoyl Perioxide, its a very effective acne treatment for me. I apply this over the Tea Tree Oil (2) after it has dried up. The tube has a very narrow nozzle which keeps the ingredients active and fresh for usage each time. I don’t use my fingers for apllying this. I direct the nozzle on top of my problem areas/spots/active pimples/suspicious whiteheads and just put a dot on it. That’s it. It does tend to dry and flake the skin, but I don’t mind that since it takes care of the problem much faster than any other product I’ve seen.

(5) Cetaphil – Sunscreen SPF 50+
This one’s a no-brainer. Always ALWAYS have my sunscreen handy each time I step out of the house. I apply my sunscreen over all the products.

(6) Sebamed – Clear Face Cleansing Foam
This is my go-to face-wash. Especially meant for acne-prone skin, I apply the foam on my cheeks, forehead and chin and let it sit for 3-5 minutes after which I rinse it off.

(7) Sephora – Instant Moisturizer
I am not very particular about my moisturizers, as long as I have one that’s not too heavily loaded with fragrance. This one is a basic moisturizer that hydrates the skin very well when I need it. I use this only during the day however.

(8) Clinique – Super Defense SPF 20 Eye Cream
This is my day-time eye cream. It saves me the trouble of having to apply sunscreen over my eyes and it also brightens the eyes incase you want to go for a makeup free look. I cannot stress more on making sure that you apply sunscreen on your eyes too if you are wearing an eye cream that does not have an SPF.

Do you use any of these products? I would love to know about your skincare routine!
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