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Recently launched in India, 3 unique fragrances by Michael Kors that beautifully represent the three facets of the Michael Kors woman – #Sporty #Sexy & #Glam happen to be my latest obsession. Needless to say I was more than thrilled to try all three of them and even share them with you! ( Yes you can win these fragrances for yourself. Details towards the end of the post ). Lets get started with my experience with these luxurious three fragrances.
#SportySexyGlam | Michael Kors | all 3 bottles arranged equally
Being an independent entrepreneur and not having the slightest bit of routine in my life, you will always find me upto something – whether its doing a shoot, styling for a shoot, drafting a blog post, editing photographs, meeting with prospective clients, shopping (yes, I consider that part of work for myself) or just running errands. It feels like I’m on the run ALL the time. And when I’m on the run, there are times (lots of times actually) when I don’t find the time or want to find the time to put in that extra effort to look the part. So the quickest pick me up for me is a really good, solid, trust-worthy perfume that I can ALWAYS count on. And Michael Kors #SportySexyGlam offers everything under that umbrella.
#SportySexyGlam | Michael Kors | all 3 wide face
#Sporty for the day time running around, being active and high on energy, #Sexy for a special occasion, a lunch date/event and #Glam for the sequin-collector in me, those uber-hot nights when I’m feeling like a complete diva!
#SportySexyGlam | Michael Kors | all 3 flowering out bottles

#SportySexyGlam | Michael Kors | sporty in front of face
Sporty Citrus is a fragrance I would normally wear during the day to get that fresh feeling full of energy. Think bright colors, quirky prints, fun makeup. Just a spritz to spruce me up with the casual confidence I need to carry myself with through the day with polished ease. Easy breezy. This one’s a crisp fragrance with mandarin top notes, a bit of woody-ness in the middle and white florals as end notes. It tends to snap you back to the present situation somehow, just a switch of zing that you can’t seem to ignore. It disintegrates into a surprisingly feminine feeling on the skin.
#SportySexyGlam | Michael Kors | sporty with slanted face

#SportySexyGlam | Michael Kors | sporty with full face

#SportySexyGlam | Michael Kors | all 3 focus on sexy bottle
Sexy Amber is that universal fragrance that gives you sheer pleasure when you wear it and makes you feel like a complete bombshell oozing with sex-appeal. This is a fragrance I would preferably wear to client meetings, work events, sun-downers on a beach somewhere and even my shoots (you need to feel sexy for these to get the right faces and emotions). Its a refreshingly light yet sumptuous fragrance with just a hint of musk, white florals and the tiniest bit of orange freshness. It feels absolutely fabulous on my bare skin. It almost gives you false hopes of not needing any makeup or a fancy updo…that’s how sexy it is. To me,this fragrance seems almost unisex. The end notes don’t particularly seem either too feminine or masculine, just gorgeous.
#SportySexyGlam | Michael Kors | side outfit holding sexy in hand

#SportySexyGlam | Michael Kors | all 3 crooked focus on sexy
Something as basic as an all-white outfit can go from being completely casual to very very sexy. A pair of chunky gold hoop earrings, an animal print bag and extremely sexy sunglasses and you can look universally fantastic in any land or language (just don’t forget the sexy perfume!)
#SportySexyGlam | Michael Kors | full front outfit

#SportySexyGlam | Michael Kors | half side with bag outfit

#SportySexyGlam | Michael Kors | sexy coming from bag

#SportySexyGlam | Michael Kors | sexy in hand outfit

#SportySexyGlam | Michael Kors | face and hoops

#SportySexyGlam | Michael Kors | sexy in hands nails

#SportySexyGlam | Michael Kors | full side outifit

#SportySexyGlam | Michael Kors | all 3 only liquid bottle
Glam Jasmine is a strong jasmine note to begin with, literally dripping with oomph and strongly feminine. While I have not been the biggest fan of jasmine on my body in the past, this Michael Kors fragrance somehow changes this for me. Its a very pleasant and appealing form of jasmine that you can’t seem to ignore. Definitely meant for those hot and heavy nights where I’ve got my diva makeup on with my deep red lips and an indulgence of sequins and sparkle, this fragrance slowly turns into a bit of mandarin freshness towards the end. It manages to stay quite enchanting throughout its journey and is meant for a woman who likes to turn heads at a party.
#SportySexyGlam | Michael Kors | glam jewels slanted
I’d wear this fragrance with a glamorous outfit, either sequins or even a black dress and dramatic makeup – Saturday nights, a really hot date or even in the hills somehow (the crisp air of the hills would cut fabulously with the heaviness of the Glam Jasmine in my head). It ends with a luxe & deep hint of freshness – something common among all the fragrances from the #SportySexyGlam range.
#SportySexyGlam | Michael Kors | glam jewles wide
Whatever the occasion, the #SportySexyGlam fragrances from Michael Kors have got you covered. I wouldn’t really follow their namesake to exactly match the occasion I’d like to wear them to. Rather I would always go with what I feel like (which doesn’t always match the situation but has always served me well). So if you feel sexy during the day, wear the sexy amber instead of the sporty, or even the glam jasmine if you feel like a goddess at breakfast I’d say. The only rule you need to follow is the one you feel like. That is truly what makes you an independent woman, a Michael Kors woman – a juggler, a mastermind, a balancer & a real-life Goddess.
#SportySexyGlam | Michael Kors | half front
Now to the part where you get to win one of these fragrances for yourself. Its extremely simple and Instagram based. Here are the terms of participation:

~ You must be a resident of New Delhi/NCR
~ Follow me ( @akanksharedhu ) & @MichaelKors on Instagram
~ Post a picture of what you think is Sporty OR Sexy OR Glam with the relevant hashtag: #Sporty OR #Sexy OR #Glam
{ This could be an accessory/ makeup/ outfit/ shoes/ nail art/ an image that speaks to you }
~ Tag me ( @akanksharedhu ) in your insta picture & use #SportySexyGlam
~ 1 picture from each category will win the respective fragrance
~ Winners will be chosen by the Michael Kors team & I.
~ Contest is open till the 5th of September, 2014
~ You can enter the contest multiple times in any category you’d like to.
So post away and all the best! #SportySexyGlam

#SportySexyGlam | Michael Kors | side with full bag

{ Outfit Details }
Top + Shoes: Zara
Denims: Mango
Blazer + Earrings + Midi-rings: Forever21
Bag: StalkBuyLove
Statement Ring: ASOS
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
Wrist-watch: Omega Watches
Lips: ‘Candy Yum Yum’ by MAC Cosmetics
All Fragrances: Michael Kors

#SportySexyGlam | Michael Kors | sexy in hand with face
The #SportySexyGlam range by Michael Kors is going to be available in India August onwards priced at ₹ 6,350/- for 50ml & ₹ 8,800 for 100ml.
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