Friday Lunch & My Sleek New Phone

The thing about being a blogger is that you can dress up for a Friday lunch, a cute dress, chunky accessories, black nail paint and a trusty cellphone – The brand new Sony Xperia T3 in a gorgeous white. My first white phone ever, I can’t believe I haven’t tried this before. A white phone is a style dream just because of its color. I can style my phone with literally any outfit. Just like a blank canvas, I can introduce any color to the look in the form of clothes, accessories or shoes.
Sony Xperia T3 & a Friday Lunch | | taking phone out of bag close
But the cherry on top of the cake is the way the nail color pops when you hold the white Sony Xperia T3 in your hands!! Gets me excited every time. I’m wearing a black nail paint here but I reckon red would look just divine with the Sony Xperia T3 in white. I especially love how elegantly sleek & slim this cellphone is. You can carry it in just about any handbag, clutch or just by itself.

Had to meet a few people for work this past Friday and I was feeling particularly fresh despite the humid & hot Delhi air. So I decided to take out my porcelain pattern dress, wear my ‘everyday’ black shoes, the tiniest sling bag I own (the phone fits like a charm it in too…super sleek and slim), my flat gold rings and a wrist-watch and head out to kill it (work-wise obviously)
Sony Xperia T3 & a Friday Lunch | | full front hands on hips
The 8 mega pixel camera takes impressive photographs.
I do love taking pictures with the Sony Xperia T3 which also has a beautiful large screen and a bright wide display.
Sony Xperia T3 & a Friday Lunch | | while taking selfie

Had to pick up a colleague/friend on the way. She needed some extra time to get dressed (GIRLS!!!) so waited for her in her garden. I always utilize extra time replying to my work emails/making calls or putting updates on my social media channels, Instagram being my favourite.

The gorgeous white of the phone compliments almost any outfit, the simplicity of design makes the Sony Xperia T3 easy to hold too.
Sony Xperia T3 & a Friday Lunch | | half side on phone
While it’s always safer to carry your cellphone inside you bag, I can’t help but hold it in my hand most of the time coz it just looks so pretty! Who wouldn’t like to flaunt this beauty?!
Sony Xperia T3 & a Friday Lunch | | phone in hand bag

The Sony Xperia T3 in White is a classic beauty in a stainless steel frame which will compliment any combination of accessories and looks. Can you imagine how gorgeous this bright red nail paint will look? Some chunky statement earrings to complete the look. What do you think?
Sony Xperia T3 & a Friday Lunch | | product shoot

Outfit Details:
Dress + Shoes + Bag: Forever21
Cell Phone: Sony Xperia T3
Wrist-watch: Rado
Rings: Aetee Designs
Necklace: Koovs
Eye-shadow: Chanel
Lips: Bobbi Brown – Rich Lip Color in Taffeta 38

What outfit would you wear with this gorgeous white cellphone? What do you think of mine? I would love to know.
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