The Juice by Jabong { July 2014 }

A brand new Fashion & Lifestyle Magazine ‘The Juice’ published by is all the rage currently. Being just 3 issues old, The Juice decided to break some boundaries by focussing their 3rd issue on Bloggers & the social media scene in India. Naturally that makes us bloggers the happiest! Its a print as well as a digital magazine that very intelligently combines editorials and promotes products available on
And that’s meee in the July issue!!
The Juice by Jabong | | featurepage
Their main feature for the July Issue is called ‘Super Bloggers’ and I am extremely excited about being a part of it…heck being the first one on their list..teehee. Its a great feeling to be a part of this project, especially since it aims at bringing about a change in the way people as well as brands look at social media and bloggers and even the way in which brands are promoted editorially and e-commercially.
The Juice by Jabong | | pagespread
I am so stoked to be included in the ‘Super Bloggers’ feature among names like republicofchic, styldrv, wearabout, Scherezade Shroff, Kanan Gill, indianvideogamer, hipcask, kneadwithlove, breakfastprojekt and more. And what was even more exciting was being flown down to Mumbai to attend a celebratory brunch where ‘The Juice’ got all or atleast most of us together to meet, mingle and have fun. It was a lovely and rainy afternoon at Amadeus, Mumbai where I got to meet an amazing team backing ‘The Juice’ and fabulous bloggers from Mumbai. Here are some pics from the brunch after which I almost missed my flight back to Delhi not to miss the fact that I was quite happy when I reached the airport and slept like log on the flight.
The Juice by Jabong | | on the bar
Heading to my flight at the Delhi Airport. I woke up at 5:am that day!
The Juice by Jabong | | Delhi airport

The Juice by Jabong | | invite
On my way from the Mumbai Airport to the venue Amadeus in the cab. Wearing Mango pants, Chanel nail color, Possimus satchel & Forever21 midi-rings.
The Juice by Jabong | | ootd
At the venue with Pearl Shah, Editor ‘The Juice’ and Shagun Mitra, Deputy Art Director at the magazine.
The Juice by Jabong | | Pearl & Shagun
There was a LOT of Chandon going around.
The Juice by Jabong | | table and chandon
The ‘you-cant-sit-with-us’ crowd (#justkidding): Pratishtha of breakfastprojekt, Sharin Bhatti (Features Editor at The Juice), Aneesh of hipcask & Karen Alfonso, Fashion & Lifestyle editor at Jabong.
The Juice by Jabong | | with Pratishtha Sharin Aneesh Karen
Got to meet the super cute Rhea of

The Juice by Jabong | | with Rhea
With Masoom of stylefiestadiaries and Surbhi Shukla, Junior stylist at ‘The Juice’
The Juice by Jabong | | with Masoom & Surbhi
Was having such a good time, I kept delaying my exit and almost missed my flight back. But since it was almost, its okay. Bombay was being super moody but so so sexy.
The Juice by Jabong | | bombay rains
I had such a great experience of meeting the team behind ‘The Juice’ and also all the gorgeous bloggers featured in the issue. A huge thank you to Pearl, Surbhi, Daniel, Sharin, Deborah, Ria, Shagun, Pooja, Aditi & Akshara for being such warm, friendly and welcoming hosts and organising this brunch. It was the best! (Sorry if I missed your name in here. I was meeting a LOT of new people in one go and also, there was Chandon)
Check out the magazine on ‘The Juice’ by Jabong.
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