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There is a brand new Aloft Hotel situated in the Cessna Business Park, Bengaluru that has been open to guests from the 9th of May, 2014. And I got to have a first hand experience of #AloftHotels as the hotel prepared for its official launch party recently. Being a Starwood property, I knew it would be an absolute pleasure to #ExperienceAloft for a few days and even more fun to share that experience with you!
Aloft Hotels | | hotel sign
So here is a glimpse of my stay at #AloftBengaluruCBP and the lovely experience that it was. Dressing up, parties, gymming and a pool – that’s all you need to make me a very very happy girl! Oh and lets not forget flawless service!
To begin with, the hotel interiors have so cleverly been adapted based on the fact that it is situated in the ‘Cessna Business Park’. Cessna is an American aircraft manufacturer best known for small, piston-powered aircrafts and you will actually find one hanging from the ceiling in the hotel lobby, along with smaller models in other places. Like all Starwood properties, you will also find original artworks in support of artists on the hotel walls.
Aloft Hotels | | hotel interiors
The rooms are cosy, spacious and very well designed for their space. This is the room that I stayed in.
Aloft Hotels | | room
Clean, white simple bathroom areas and shampoo & shower gel dispensers to save on the thousands of tiny plastic bottles that go to waste for the same purpose.
Aloft Hotels | | toileteries

Aloft Hotels | | morning tea

Aloft Hotels | | mirror selfie
The main attraction for me at any space – the pool.
Aloft Hotels | | pool2

Aloft Hotels | | pool1

Aloft Hotels | | pool by night
They have a ‘w xyz’ bar, a 24/7 restaurant called ‘nook’ and a ‘re:fuel’ area for some quick snacks to tend to all your needs. And yes the food is quite fabulous. Especially their smoked salmon salad and the warm brownie pudding which you will actually fid in their kids menu…but what the hell right!
Aloft Hotels | | xyz bar

Aloft Hotels | | nook
Aloft Hotels | | breakfast
And that’s the smoked salmon salad I was talking about earlier. My favourite.
Aloft Hotels | | snacks

Aloft Hotels | | re:fuel
Another place that I took complete advantage of was their gym ‘re:charge’. Yoga mats, weights, treadmills and a lot more machines to assist in pretty much any basic form of workout. The only thing I missed was kettlebells, but I improvised using weights.
Aloft Hotels | | gym
The official launch party was a super success! Supporting the local flavour & artists, they had a local band ‘One Night Stand’ playing live music, ‘The Beat Boys’ dancing street-style hip hop, flair bartender & performer Ami Shroff, dancers dancing inside plastic domes on top of the water in the pool, water percussionists ‘Different Strokes’ all locally invited to liven up the party. The crowd went nuts! The hotel also had their guests pour paint in different colors to create a masterpiece that would stay with the hotel. That’s one of the guests doing the deed.
Aloft Hotels | | paint being poured
The party just getting started.
Aloft Hotels | | party scene
The energy surrounding the launch was almost tangible and the best part about it was the support towards local talent and artists – while welcoming guests and giving them a local flavour, it also makes the hotel an irreplacable part of the local fabric and grow strong roots. Win-win for everyone.
It was a fabulous experience that I am glad to have been a part of and a lovely team of people running the show. Thank you Team Aloft for this unforgettable time!

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