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Horizontal stripes make you look fat. Don’t wear too many prints in an outfit. Less is more. I don’t know about you, but I’ve heard my share of ‘Rules’ when it comes to fashion and style. And while most of them may have a pretty solid argument to back them, over the years all I have discovered is that it all means JACK. We may need rules for a certain discipline in our lives, but fashion…Fashion is more of a personal indulgence for me. So I’d like to flip a bird to those who would like to set some boundaries within which I can exercise my style sensibilities. While some people may believe that you should wear clothes according to others’ preferences, I quite believe the contrary. Its your body and your mind and you should get to do whatever it is you want with it. Not forgetting its your money you purchase your clothes and accessories with.

So many times I’ve heard that ‘less is more’ when it comes to accessorizing your look and most of the times it makes sense too. But there are times when you do want to go overboard and nothing should stop you from doing that. A wise woman once said “I like shiny things and I’ll wear as many as I like”. Actually that’s just me and I think it works. What do you think?
The Bling Ring | | front half showing earring
This is a day look. Very casual, very comfy and very blingy. AND I LOVE IT. When invited me to do an outfit post with them, I knew I had to go nuts with my accessories. It is a ‘Fashion Jewellery’ website & I saw no reason to hold back. Kept the clothes simple and understated and piled on the accessories like I was a Christmas tree! Fashion is supposed to be about experimenting and having fun and I had a wicked blast doing this outfit.
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The Bling Ring | | front half smiling

The Bling Ring | |  front full walk
Theses are all the accessories that I am wearing in this outfit. All are from and you can get em at 30% off by using the code: : AKANKSHA30

The Bling Ring | | All accessories

The Bling Ring | | flipping hair

The Bling Ring | | hand web

The Bling Ring | | rings on fingers

The Bling Ring | | front half dark

The Bling Ring | | hand in pocket

The Bling Ring | | hair over necklace

The Bling Ring | | necklace close up

The Bling Ring | | earrings only

The Bling Ring | | earrings & fringe

The Bling Ring | | front half holding blazer

The Bling Ring | | front full standing

Outfit Details:
Necklace1, Necklace2, Necklace3, Earrings, Bangle stack, Hand-chain & Rings are all from
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Blazer + Vest + Lace Bralet + Shorts: Forever21
Shoes: Aldo

Shop all accessories from at a 30% discount using the code AKANKSHA30.

What do you think of this outfit? Would you ever wear so many accessories together? I would love to know your thoughts.
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