Reflets D’Été de Chanel – Summer 2014

The brand new, fresh and happy Summer 2014 collection Reflets D’Été de Chanel is out and it is super cheery! With candy pinks, subtle oranges and golds, there is nothing you won’t love about this new collection. When I received the package for a review my face lit up seeing all the happy colors. I’m crazy about ALL the products I got. You’ll see why.
Reflets D'Été de Chanel | | coming out of bag tilted
Gorgeous and delicious colors that spell summer and no rules as to what should be matched to what. You can play around and mix n match them all!
Reflets D'Été de Chanel | | all numbered

Here is more about the newly launched Chanel makeup. How I use them, how they feel on my skin and how I found them to be. Starting with my absolute favourite from the lot:
This lip gloss looks nothing short of a fun candy orange in the bottle and even when you take some out of the bottle. But surprisingly it is not at all the neon bright that you take it to be. Its a playful and sweet colored lip gloss with a gorgeous luscious texture that doesn’t wipe away too easily. You can build up the colour just a little bit by applying it in layers but a single layer is almost a colorless gloss with just a tint of sunshine in it. And no it doesn’t have those ghastly glitter specs that most glosses have. I quite dislike those.
Reflets D'Été de Chanel | | holding lip gloss

Reflets D'Été de Chanel | | lip gloss swatch

Reflets D'Été de Chanel | | applyig lip gloss
LE VERNIS { Nail Colour } – 621 TUTTI FRUTTI
This cute candy colored nail color is an absolute classic. You can use it as a cheerful day-time nail color with earthy tones or even during the night as a bright contrast to dark shades of dresses. Its a universal shade and I can see myself using it with pretty much any outfit or look.
Reflets D'Été de Chanel | | holding nailpaint

Reflets D'Été de Chanel | | all lying around
STYLO YEUX WATERPROOF { Long Lasting Eyeliner } – 911 AMBRE DORÉ
While I do have plenty of eyeliners, mostly blacks, greys and browns, this golden one was a welcome surprise. Its a waterproof & smudgeproof formula and easily glides on to your eyelids. And frankly who doesn’t love gold! On days when I don’t want to go too basic with a black or brown eyeliner and want a hint of a glam twist in my makeup, I use this golden eyeliner on my lids and even in the corner of my eyes to light them up just a bit. The slender eyeliner even has a built in sharpner for clumsies like me.

Reflets D'Été de Chanel | | holding eye liner

Reflets D'Été de Chanel | | eyes

Reflets D'Été de Chanel | | eyeliner next to eye
ILLUSION D’OMBRE { Long Wear Luminous Eye-Shadow } – 95 MIRAGE
Another golden must have! A solid dull gold eye-shadow is another classic that all girls should have in their eye makeup ammo. Use it ever so slightly for a day time glam dust on the eyes and its also your perfect companion for a night out of party & disco. All you need is a havy black eyeliner and this gold eyeshadow to create some diva-drama on the eyes.
Reflets D'Été de Chanel | | eyeshadow grid
This Summer 2014 collection is a breath of fresh air from the oxbloods , blacks, and shiny galaxies from last season and I’m loving every bit of it! In stores from the 1st of June, 2014.
Reflets D'Été de Chanel | | all with cd

Reflets D'Été de Chanel | | coming out of bag straight

Have you tried any of these newly launched products? I would love to know how you found them to be!
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