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Every woman’s life is the sum of all her choices, and Revlon India is here to support that. Choices by Revlon is a platform that will allow every woman to express her opinions and make her choices freely. This month, Revlon talks about Self-Indulgence. This is one of the many articles that aim to inspire women all over India in their choices about relationships. Start making a choice today.

Unconventional Choices That I Have Made In My Life

The first most unconventional choice which was a major decision in my life was deciding to pursue fashion after school. At the time it was nowhere near a safe and conventional choice of career like engineering or medical studies or even hospitality. While I was a little nervous about my choice I remember my parents being extremely nervous about it, especially since all throughout school I absolutely loved my science subjects and was a bright student. While at its core, studying fashion was nothing glamorous (it was a LOT of work) it has in turn taught me to self-indulge, made me more aware of how I look, how I can change the way I look (make-up/ spa treatments/ clothes) and the different options I have for self-indulgence. While the choice itself to pursue the subject of fashion was not a self-indulgence (it was a lot more important that a self-indulgent choice) it was still a choice that I made keeping my interests in mind and I didn’t let ‘what everybody else was doing’ dictate that choice of mine
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It was a major choice that I made for MYSELF which has encouraged me over time to make more choices keeping myself and my well-being in mind. If you can find a way to keep yourself happy, satisfied and stress-free, it is not only good for you but even more so for the others around you – your family, co-workers, etc. And nothing makes someone happier than indulging themselves be it in the form of chocolate, a massage or even adventure sports.

Self-indulgence also in a way keeps you in tune to what your mind and body want. It’s a great way to train yourself to listen to your body. More often than not, when your body is asking for rest or relaxation, it really needs it and giving it that makes your body heal and cope faster.
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How do you like to self indulge? Share your thoughts and opinions with me.

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