Vodka Escapade | Finlandia

I think its a well known fact by now that I do enjoy my alcohol-related events. I mean who wouldn’t right?!? So Finlandia recently invited me over for a #VodkaEscapade where they introduced some incredible summer cocktails to a us over an evening at Soi7 at DLF CyberHub. It was a lovely evening where we were introduced to some new twists on classic cocktails and some brand new ones too, all using Finlandia Vodka as a base.

A vodka of Finland, aptly named Finlandia is definitely a smooth vodka that does hit you well after a few drinks, has a new bottle design and is priced at around ₹ 1,500/- a bottle. Finlandia also comes in some exciting flavours like cranberry, grape , lime & mango which are all supposed to have genuine ingredients rather than artificial flavouring. We got to taste cocktails like the Grapefruit Caprioska, Midnight Sun Martini, Citrus Lemonade, Mini Mary & more. Don’t know if you can tell but it was a rather happy evening and everyone went back home even happier!

Here are some pics of my experience at the #VodkaEscapade by Finlandia at Soi7, DLF CyberHub. Outfit details are at the end of the blog post.
Vodka Escapade | Finlandia | | cosmos
Right outside Soi7.
Vodka Escapade | Finlandia | | full front with legs apart

Vodka Escapade | Finlandia | | me sipping

Vodka Escapade | Finlandia | | bottle with drink

Vodka Escapade | Finlandia | | cosmo with food

Vodka Escapade | Finlandia | | legs croseed full front

Vodka Escapade | Finlandia | | food and pineapple cocktail
That’s Mr. Amrit Kiran Singh of Brown Forman India introducing us to Finlandia and its basics before we started tasting the cocktails.
Vodka Escapade | Finlandia | | finlandia talk

Vodka Escapade | Finlandia | | making caprioska

Vodka Escapade | Finlandia | | accessories

Vodka Escapade | Finlandia | | tee

Vodka Escapade | Finlandia | | finlandia awards

Outfit Details:
High-waist denims: Vero Moda
T-Shirt: Brown Boy | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest |
Necklace + Ring: Aé-Teē | Facebook | Twitter |
Wristwatch: Swatch
Bag: India Circus { Seen Here }
Shoes: Aldo

Finlandia can also be found on Facebook | Twitter |
Also, do check out their website if you get a chance. I personally quite loved their website! Its very different from the usual alcohol brand websites. It has a story to it & that’s quite fascinating.
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