6 Delectable { Bags of Summer }

There is something almost rejuvenating about Summers, so much so that you feel like refreshing your wardrobe, picking up new accessories and trying out different looks. Scouting for new labels to shop makes it even more fun. Which is why I was thrilled to find a new kid on the block – Leatheritup.in
Despite what their name suggests, all their products are actually faux leather as they don’t believe in harming animals. They have a variety of bags, clutches & belts currently and are constantly adding new styles. The reason I was mainly drawn to their products was the simple and unfussy design & focus on craftsmanship. There is no gaudiness or frilly distastefulness. Just basic and a variety of good designs and what seems like good finishing. They also have free shipping across India and very reasonable pricing.
I do love some of the colors they have used in some of their styles which are very in tune with the current season. Here are my favourite picks from the options available currently on Leatheritup.in

6 Delectable Bags of Summer | www.akanksharedhu.com |

(1) Neon Green & Grey Sling | ₹ 1,199 |
(2) Blue Ostrich X Body Sling bag | ₹ 1,299 |
(3) White Summer Tote | ₹ 1,899 |
(4) Bright Yellow Summer Tote | ₹ 1,299 |
(5) SandWash Sling Bag | ₹ 1,599 |
(6) Purple Utility Zippered Pouch/ Wristlet | ₹ 299 |

Bright, playful colors and some basics to go with pretty much anything in your wardrobe. Which one out of these is your favourite?

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