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During our stay in Morjim, Goa we spent a day at Paradise Beach as well. Technically Paradise Beach falls in the state of Maharashtra because you have to cross the border from north Goa into Maharashtra but its mostly famous due to the Goan Tourism. It is slightly far out considering you literally have to travel to another state to be there. It took us about an hour to drive from Morjim to Paradise Beach in our car. Google maps is helpful in finding the place but it does have two routes. Be sure to take the permanent road bridge because the other one is where you have to transport your vehicle across on a boat which requires waiting.
Paradise Beach | Goa | | panorama
And once you get there, it will most definitely be worth the time. Another useful bit of info would be the fact that there are no shacks or restaurants nearby. It gives you the perfect opportunity to pack your own lunch/snacks and drinks and head out to spend an entire day of being a lazy beach bum. You do have the odd shop selling local snacks, cold drinks and coconut water. Something that really surprised me on this trip to Goa was the lack of difference in the pricing of fresh coconut water as compared to what you get in Delhi/Gurgaon. Considering its a beach state and coconut is abundant, I was prepared to consume atleast 5 coconut waters everyday thinking they’ll be dirt cheap but that was not the case. #Boo. Also if you happen to like Malibu – the coconut liqueur, there is a local much cheaper version of it available in Goa by the name of “Cabo” and its tastes just the same, if not better (a tad bit sweeter).

Paradise beach is another silent and peaceful beach with endless sand, the sea on one side of it and evenly distributed, sparse forest on the other. Its really a fabulous beach. Hardly any people, the occasional localite trying to sell a horse ride on the beach if you like but nobody else to bother you. Enough about that. Here are some pics from our visit to Paradise Beach. If you do happen to visit it ever do tell me how you liked it. A word of caution, don’t drink and drive and make sure you have all your papers with you because even though you are not stopped while you exit Goa into Maharashtra, they do occasionally stop people getting back into Goa on the same route. I’d know coz we were stopped.

Paradise Beach | Goa | | Side Full with trees

Paradise Beach | Goa | | Selfie

Paradise Beach | Goa | | Side full on beach

Paradise Beach | Goa | | bikini

Paradise Beach | Goa | | full front on beach

Paradise Beach | Goa | | face

Outfit Details:
Hat & Pants: Forever21
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
Top: Zara
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