Day04 :: WIFW :: Tropical Eyes

I realized that throughout my days of attending WIFW, I hadn’t worn black at all. And I do love black. ALOT. So there was black on top and print on the bottom. An all black outfit is my personal favourite but I reserve those for the winters. I had also received THE most gorgeous aviators from Ray-Ban. Had my eyes on them for the longest time and they went perfectly with the black and the tropical print.

I remember a time not too long ago when these flash lenses were the most un-cool thing to wear. We used to call them too jazzy but now it seems like the perfect amount of jazz. Understatement is lovely in an outfit too but days when you feel like being a bit jazzy and looking too cool for school, these are an absolute must. Brilliant light reflection definitely gives you a one up on the bling factor. Also, they have this very beachy tone to them because of which I chose the tropical printed pants.

I cannot imagine wearing skinny jeans during the summer months. I feel suffocated just thinking about it. So cotton pants it is for me, printed / solid, whatever I can get. I do get weird looks sometimes when people think I’m a bit cuckoo to be leaving the house wearing them (they have also been called pyjamas by some) but I’d rather be having a cool breezy time than sweating my imaginary balls off when I’m out and about. Enough of that, onto the good stuff now:

Day04 | WIFW | Tropical Eyes | | Front Full Far

Day04 | WIFW | Tropical Eyes | | Front Full Close

Day04 | WIFW | Tropical Eyes | | Side Full

Day04 | WIFW | Tropical Eyes | | Removing sunnies

Day04 | WIFW | Tropical Eyes | | Front Full Walking

Day04 | WIFW | Tropical Eyes | | Neck accessories

Day04 | WIFW | Tropical Eyes | | three fourth face

Day04 | WIFW | Tropical Eyes | | Front Wide Half

Day04 | WIFW | Tropical Eyes | | Ear accessory
Outfit Details: | Blazer + Shirt + Pants: Mango | Shoes: Zara | Neck Accessories + Rings: Forever21 | Ear studs: Aldo | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Wristwatch: Rado |

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