I have been using this new foundation by Chanel for well over a month now. PERFECTION LUMIÈRE VELVET by Chanel is a new addition to the PERFECTION LUMIÈRE series – only this has a velvet or matte finish. When I usually get beauty products to review, I tend to use them for a bit and somehow they manage to move to some unknown corner in my closet over time and I forget about them. But this foundation has sort of become my staple now. I use it everywhere I go, even while travelling. Here is my experience of using the PERFECTION LUMIÈRE VELVET foundation.

PERFECTION LUMIÈRE VELVET | Chanel | | In hand single
The foundation comes in a gorgeous all black 30 ml bottle and is priced at around ₹ 3000/- You have to shake the bottle well to activate its formula and squeeze it just a bit to get the product out. The foundation smells lovely and comes in a limited quantity of shades for now. Hopefully there will be more soon.

PERFECTION LUMIÈRE VELVET | Chanel | | In hand multi
The PERFECTION LUMIÈRE VELVET has a light and breezy texture to it. Its not as light as water and not heavy in any sense either. Just perfect. Once you squeeze a bit of it onto the back of your hand (that’s where I usually tend to do it) it is in its liquid state which you can swipe on your face with your finger tip. I dab it around and then gently spread it in the direction of the facial hair. As you spread it across your skin you will realise that it has transformed from a liquid texture to a dry velvet one. It will never feel too dry like a powder or even matte but airy and refreshing. But make sure that your skin is moisturized well before applying this especially after dermatological procedures like peels etc which tend to dry the skin for a while.

The foundation can be layered for greater coverage although I only need one, sometimes two under my eyes when I’m too lazy to apply concealer. However if you have a serious dark circle problem, you will definitely need a concealer because the foundation won’t be able to handle such heavy-duty coverage.
PERFECTION LUMIÈRE VELVET | Chanel | | texture on skin
After you have applied the foundation on your skin you will realise that it has changed the texture of your skin as well. It becomes smooth and even to touch and the foundation definitely adds a hint of radiance to the skin as well. A slight glow which makes a lot of difference. Since I have a combination skin, this foundation has really suited me because it doesn’t let the oil/sebum shine through, mattifies the skin for about 5-6 hours and adds its own non-greasy luminosity to the skin. I am also happy to say that this foundation has not aggravated my acne problem which makes it a favourite.
Although this does say spf15, I usually apply the foundation over my spf 50 sunscreen and it looks great! Just put on a bit of blush, mascara and you’ve got a great natural and day-time face. The foundation also easily comes off with any make-up remover.
This is how the foundation looks on me. in this particular picture I have applied foundation all over the face and have concealer under my eyes and a bit of blush on my cheeks. And this was taken at the end of the day after I had the foundation on me all day.
PERFECTION LUMIÈRE VELVET | Chanel | | On the face
So I really do like this cute black bottle of foundation which is great for combination skins and has a brilliantly light texture which doesn’t make you feel caked under make-up at all.
Rating: 8/10
PERFECTION LUMIÈRE VELVET | Chanel | | Back of Carton
Have you had a chance to use this foundation as yet? I would love to know how you found it. Hope this review was helpful.

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