Looking Back :: { February }

Its been a while since I did a ‘Looking Back’ post. The last one I did was for November last year. There’s just so much happening that I kinda let it slip. But I realised that these are one of my most fun posts and here’s a highlight of what happened in Feb for me.

The winters don’t seem to want to leave this time. Every time you get a couple of crisp sunny days, it rains after that. The nights are still chilly and you just can’t say what the mood for the next day will be. So when you are presented with a sunny day during the weekend, you seize it. And you seize it good and squeeze it for its last drop of cheery sunshine. I’m more of a summer person. I love the heat, humidity, the sweat. I can’t stand the winters. This was one of the sunny weekends Delhi witnessed. I picked up a pack of brie, a cucumber, sunglasses, sunscreen, a book and headed to a friends place. He has a huge terrace. We spent the whole day directly under the sun. And yes I STILL haven’t finished reading that book. We demolished the cheese and cucumber and even slept off for a bit in the sun. It was a perfect day!
Looking Back :: { February } | www.akanksharedhu.com | Sunny Winter Day
Weddings are still going on. Had a couple to go to. These are looks from 2 different weddings that I had attended this past month. Like most women, I love buying jewellery. But the feel you get with vintage stuff just cannot be compared to the stuff that gets made these days. Don’t you think?
Looking Back :: { February } | www.akanksharedhu.com |  Weddings
{ Outfit Details } – On Top: | Suit: Ritu Kumar | Earrings: Amrapali | In the neck: A vintage string of pearls & gold |
In the Bottom: | Kurta: Local Tailor | Earrings & Necklace: Vintage |

Its about time I accepted the fact that I will probably never be able to eliminate ice cream from my diet. I try and restrict having ice cream to once or max twice in a month. And when I do, its about a litre tub of Belgian chocolate usually. And when I say ice cream, I don’t mean that alternative bullshit like frozen yogurt, I mean REAL ice cream. While never ever eating ice cream sounds stupid and self-torturous, I have given a thought. But that’s not a very healthy AND FUN way to live your life. So screw that! But I have introduced a slightly healthier way of consuming the ice cream that I do at home – Mix it with fruits. Though you are still consuming the same ice cream, you are introducing a healthy component like fresh fruits which tends to make you eat less ice cream at a time and also fills you up quicker. And you might end up sharing some of that ice cream too, since its not so precious anymore. I don’t share but this is for those who have a more generous disposition. So there you go – that’s my favourite Belgian Chocolate from Giani’s (with the ‘s and not the one without it) with one of my favourite fruits Kiwi topped with some seeds. I actually love most fruits.
Looking Back :: { February } | www.akanksharedhu.com | Dessert
I too have very happily joined the ring craze going on everywhere. Plain dainty golden rings – midi or normal. I scored all the rings I’m wearing here from Forever21. And I pretty much wear them everywhere I go.
Looking Back :: { February } | www.akanksharedhu.com | Rings
No month is complete without a trip to Forever21. Even if I don’t end up actually purchasing anything, its fun to try out new trends and garments. Loved this faux leather bralet. Will go great with anything high-waisted. Low-waisted too but I don’t have the abs for that so high-waisted it is for me.
Looking Back :: { February } | www.akanksharedhu.com | Dressing Room

How was your February? What did you like the most from this post? I would love to know your thoughts!
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