{ Green – Day }

After quite a few years of contemplation, trials & errors and confusion, I have finally come to the decision and realization on my favourite color. GREEN. For the longest time I thought it was black, but as we’ve learnt in school, black is not really a color (just like white). Black is merely the absence of any color. Yes, I had science as my main subjects in school. Go figure!

Coming back to green. The reason why I am drawn to anything green especially in design, graphics and ofcourse garments, is probably because it reminds me of a fresh, lush green scenario in nature while I’m travelling and something I definitely do not see or experience in my daily life in this city. It somehow always uplifts my senses and enlivens me. I love green! This is an outfit I had recently worn to a meeting at The Imperial, New Delhi. It had been a particularly dull, wet and chilly winter day. And that bums me like very few other things. Even without giving it too much thought, I went straight for my sleek solid green top. And when I saw this lush lawn at the hotel, I had to get it in the backdrop!
{ Green - Day } | www.akanksharedhu.com | Complete Outfit
I paired my outfit with these gorgeous accessories from a new label – Bangdar Sarali. Their jewelry is more of a ‘Fused Glass Art’. Art because each piece comes out different. I love how different their accessories are. Nothing like the mainstream statement pieces you find literally EVERYWHERE these days. Its original with its hint of kookiness in their tiny hanging spiders and truly crafty. As you have probably figured out by now, I picked the pieces that had a bit of green in them as well.
{ Green - Day } | www.akanksharedhu.com | Necklace
{ Green - Day } | www.akanksharedhu.com | Earrings
{ Outfit Details } – | Top: Mango | Trench & Boots: Zara | Denims: Forever21 | Accessories: Bangdar Sarali | Watch: Omega | Nails: Maybelline (Keep up the flame) |

What do you think of the outfit? What’s your favourite color? I’d love to know!
Bangdar Sarali retails out of Studio Nimai at Shahpur Jat and can also be found on Facebook.
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