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It has been well over 14 days of me using the Daily Moisture Repair Collection by Pantene, its been well over a month now actually. Said to have the world’s first Keratin Damage Blockers technology, daily usage of the Shampoo & Conditioner is supposed to give your hair protection against daily damage and give a healthier shine. Here is my experience with this collection.

For starters,
~ I do NOT shampoo my hair everyday. I shampoo them around twice or max thrice a week and condition them everytime I shampoo.
~ Also I always finish off with a leave- in serum after towel drying my hair like L’Oreal or Kérastase, especially if I’m blow drying my hair.
~ I do not have a split-end problem luckily. I have an oily scalp prone to quite a winter dandruff condition.

Daily Moisture Repair Collection:
~ Its definitely hydrating for the scalp & hair as your scalp does not feel dry at all. (Good for my dandruff problem)
~ While there is no tangible buildup in the hair, it does change the texture of the hair a bit, making them seem slightly thicker.
~ The hair are very well manageable and well mannered.
~ People with oily hair might need to use this a tad bit more often to avoid an oily scalp.
~ A lot of people seem to associate Pantene products with hair loss but luckily for me, I did not experience any such thing during my usage of these products.

All in all, I’m quite satisfied with the condition of my hair after using the Daily Moisture Repair Shampoo & Conditioner by Pantene.
Damaged to Damn Good Hair | Pantene |

Have you used these products yourself? I would love to know how you found them!
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