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Bottega di Lungavita, the Italian chain of ‘well being’ products and natural cosmetics is now available in India, online and even in stores. Which means that I HAD to try out some of its products. The best option is their website which offers all their products and even cash-on-delivery.
Bottega di Lungavita | Beauty Review | |
The products that I received for reviewing were The ‘Balsamo Spray Conditioner Balm’ & ‘”Tuscan Harmonies” Body Butter’. I have been using these 2 products for almost a week now and this is what I think of them:
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~ Balsamo Spray Conditioner Balm
Bottega di Lungavita | Beauty Review | | Balsamo Spray with carton
This after-shower hair spray comes in a 200ml spray bottle and is priced at ₹ 990/- Its a transparent green colored water that you can spray on your hair post shampoo and conditioner. You can either spray this directly over damp towel dried hair or onto your palms and then massage it into your hair ends. It has a slight herby fragrance which I find quite refreshing. If you have medium length hair like mine, the bottle should easily last you about 4 months if you shampoo your hair about twice a week like I do.
Bottega di Lungavita | Beauty Review | | Balsamo Spray 200ml
This will be an amazing summer product! Although I tried this out in the peak Delhi winters I am still happy with it. I sprayed the conditioner on towel dried hair after a shampoo and conditioner. I try to dry my hair naturally as frequently as possible which is what I did after using this product. If you are using this in the winters I would suggest you dry your hair to about 80% before applying this or use a heat protectant and blow dry your hair. Using this on freshly towel dried hair prolonged the process of naturally drying them. It takes much longer. Which is why I suggested that this a perfect summer product.
Bottega di Lungavita | Beauty Review | | Balsamo Spray Directions
The hair definitely feel stronger, hydrated and more manageable after they dry up with the spray in them. The spray also gives a gorgeous texture to them, almost like what sea water does but slightly less than that. Even thought the hair have an extra texture and greater volume, they don’t feel heavy or unnatural at all. This spray is also supposed to help split ends. However since I’ve been lucky enough to not have split ends I can’t really say about its efficacy in that area. The product does seem to keep the hair hydrated well which also tends to protect them in a way. For straight hair like mine which never conform to hairstyles easily, this would be a great product to create natural waves.
Bottega di Lungavita | Beauty Review | | Hair spray in hand
Rating: 6.5/10

~ “Tuscan Harmonies” Body Butter
Bottega di Lungavita | Beauty Review | | Body Butter Carton
I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t like ALL body butters. No doubt, I love this one.
Bottega di Lungavita | Beauty Review | | Body Butter Jar
The Armonie Toscane ( Tuscan Harmonies ) Body Butter comes in 150ml jar and costs ₹ 1650/- Its a cream colored luscious body butter which has a good form and is not runny or greasy meaning it stays where it was in the jar the last time you used it. This product is so lovely that you’ll probably finish it super fast. Say about 1.5 months. It smells lovely, like summer in a jar. I’m beginning to think that all the Bottega di Lungavita products are more suited for the summers since they are all manufactured in such a summery and romantic place – San Pellegrino Terme, Italy.
Bottega di Lungavita | Beauty Review | | Body Butter open jar
Texture & Result:
Loaded with Shea butter, this a seriously hydrating product. It does feel a bit greasy when you start to rub it into the skin but that soon goes away leaving your skin very supple and happy. Even after getting absorbed into the skin, it never really dries up completely and doesn’t get wiped by clothes. It keeps the skin happily moisturised for the entire day.Not too light for the winters and not too heavy for the summers. This one’s a keeper!
Bottega di Lungavita | Beauty Review | | Body butter in hand
Rating: 8/10

If you have used any Bottega di Lungavita products before, I would love to know how you found them!
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