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Have you been to The DLF Cyberhub in Gurgaon? It is literally the mecca for foodies and not just in Gurgaon. With about 42 restaurants/ eating joints scheduled to open up in this collective space right in the working heart of Gurgaon, the Cyberhub is set to break all sorts of records. I was only too excited when I was invited to the launch of The Beer Café here since beer happens to be my most favourite anything ever!!!
The Beer Cafe :: Gurgaon | | Passport
I have previously covered another really fun event at Beer Café , Vasant Kunj on the blog – The Brews Cruise.
With ample seating space both inside and outside, this is the perfect place to go have an afternoon beer in the winter sun. For the launch however we visited during the evening and I was not carrying my camera for some reason so all the photographs here are through my Nexus 4.

Besides the beer ofcourse, I loved the vibe of the place. A very corporate vibe, where you know hard working people are just looking to wind down and ease up a bit…very, VERY different from the crowd you’ll probably find in Delhi. Here are some pictures from the evening. That’s the bar area.
The Beer Cafe :: Gurgaon | | Bar
I loved the cover of their menu. Different yoga poses with the human stick figure holding a pint of beer. And I happen to love both – yoga AND Beer. Not together ofcourse!
The Beer Cafe :: Gurgaon | | Menu
That’s my roomful of sunshine in a mug – A Hoegaarden. I mean what else could you possibly ever need right?!
The Beer Cafe :: Gurgaon | | Hoegaarden
When visiting Beer Café, I’d say keep your focus on the beer because that’s what its all about. You can also order your small snack items which are quite pleasant to munch on as well. The best option to get started would be the platters so that you can decide what snack you like the best. That’s their non-vegetarian platter.
The Beer Cafe :: Gurgaon | | Non-veg Platter
And that’s the vegetarian platter.
The Beer Cafe :: Gurgaon | | Vegetarian Platter

The Beer Cafe :: Gurgaon | | Tissues

The Beer Cafe :: Gurgaon | | Table
This was written on one of the Table Mats. Its really great how everything is related to beer in here. That really makes the difference to both the people working there and the customers, to remind them just to have fun and indulge in some beer.
The Beer Cafe :: Gurgaon | | Table Mat
A quick snapshot of what I wore to the launch.
The Beer Cafe :: Gurgaon | | What I Wore
Necklace: Koovs | Shirt: Mango

Have you visited The Beer Café as yet? How has your experience been? I would love to know!
Beer Café can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.
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