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While having the right accessories is a an important aspect of building a great wardrobe, how you style your accessories is perhaps even more important than that. You may not even have the right accessories, but with clever styling you can always make it work. Whereas you may have the prettiest accessories in your closet, but darling if you don’t have the sensibility you can make it look like a complete disaster too.
The product in the spotlight is this KOOVS necklace:
{ How I'd Style It } :: KOOVS Digital Necklace | www.akanksharedhu.com | Main
A gorgeous statement pendant like this KOOVS Digital Necklace deserves a fair amount of attention in the outfit. While it probably wont classify as a statement ‘necklace’ it is of a decent size and is best worn with either a solid top or atleast a partly solid upperwear. Wearing it just with the blue top may start bordering on too safe or even boring which is why I introduced the fresh element of a checked shirt in a contrasting color. Its always good to keep the eyes busy. The blue top definitely compliments the blue central stone in the necklace and sets a base for the pendant. The red of the shirt makes the pendant pop and stand out.
{ How I'd Style It } :: KOOVS Digital Necklace | www.akanksharedhu.com |
Shirt: Forever21 | Blue Top: Zara | Necklace: KOOVS |

What do you think of the styling? How would you wear this accessory? I would love to hear your ideas!
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