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It was a gorgeous wintery Sunday, a perfect day to officially launch Zerruco, co-branded with Chef Aldo Zilli at The Ashok Hotel, New Delhi, over a sumptuous Mediterranean brunch reminding us of balmy summer days. There was literally sunny happiness in our plates! This also happens to be Aldo’s first venture into the Indian market. He hopes to do a lot more depending on how this restaurant performs and by the looks of it, its a winner!
Launch - { Zerruco by Zilli } | #ZilliMedia | | Main
Started off with some tomatoes + mozzarella + basil salad which happens to be my ALL-TIME-FAVOURITE!
Launch - { Zerruco by Zilli } | #ZilliMedia | | Salads & Cheese
That’s my plate:
Launch - { Zerruco by Zilli } | #ZilliMedia | | On my Plate - Appetizers
Headed on to the bar where the bartender made a special cocktail for me with Absolut Vanilla + Strawberries + Pineapple. He didn’t have a name for it but it was super fun and tasty.
Launch - { Zerruco by Zilli } | #ZilliMedia | | Cocktail
Moving onto some gorgeous summer lamb chops and grilled veggies.
Launch - { Zerruco by Zilli } | #ZilliMedia | | On my Plate - Mains
Chef Aldo Zilli is a fabulous and friendly guy. We chatted with him for quite a bit. He told us about his eldest daughter who is a professional model and his other children. That’s him:
Launch - { Zerruco by Zilli } | #ZilliMedia | | Chef Aldo Zilli
I then looked at the options for dessert. And there were too many!!
Launch - { Zerruco by Zilli } | #ZilliMedia | | Desserts
Here’s what I decided to get for myself. Sundays are kinda meant to be your cheat day right!
Launch - { Zerruco by Zilli } | #ZilliMedia | | On my Plate - Desserts
All this while there was a lovely live band playing outside and the tempo was exactly how a laid back Sunday should feel like. Lots of fabulous guests kept pouring in.
A huge thank you to Chef Aldo Zilli and also to Anjali for having us over.
That’s Naina & Anjali:
Launch - { Zerruco by Zilli } | #ZilliMedia | | Naina Redhu & Anjali Batra

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