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Nothing gives me more joy these days than finding a ‘good’ shopping website. And by ‘good’ I mean just simple fabulous and minimalistic design and layout, easy UI, and ofcourse product that you would actually end up buying for yourself – good looking, great finishing and even better price points. Which happens to be exactly the philosophy behind the new ‘Peter & David’ Eyewear website.
All Black Outfit | Peter & David Sunglasses | | Website Intro
While I have been into aviators since I probably hit puberty or saw Top Gun, I’ve always had the green ones with a golden rim – The original Ray-Bans. Then came the wayfarers which were my staple till now. Having had those for a REALLY long time, getting a new pair of sunnies had been on mind BIG-TIME.
I now happen to be a proud owner of my first All – Black Aviators purchased online at and it cost me all of ₹ 1950/- with free shipping too!!
All Black Outfit | Peter & David Sunglasses | | 1
All Black Outfit | Peter & David Sunglasses | | Aviators
Being a fairly new website, I was a bit hesitant to buy a pair of sunglasses right away. Which is why I thought of going through a very interesting process of actually consulting their in-house stylist Diana of all the way from London, to shed light on what, according to her should be my purchase. Its a very detailed online form that you have to fill up right from the shape of your face, to the exact distance between your eyes, to even uploading your headshot so that Diana can exactly know what you look like and what frame, etc will suit you. This was so much fun! It does take a bit of time to fill the whole thing up but in my experience, the more detailed a questionnaire / form is, the better the results come out to be. Diana suggested that the perfect thing for my face would be their classic black aviators and that is exactly what I decided to treat myself with since I had never even owned a pair like these! Here’s a glimpse of the process:
All Black Outfit | Peter & David Sunglasses | | Styling Process
A shot of the sunglasses as soon as I received them!
All Black Outfit | Peter & David Sunglasses | | Open Case
The website also has an entire page dedicated to getting to know more about their stylist Diana. Just so that you know that a real human being is replying to your queries! That’s the page about Diana:
All Black Outfit | Peter & David Sunglasses | | About the stylist
Once I had the aviators in my hand, I knew I HAD to do an outfit post around them! They are SO black! All that came to mind instantly was an ‘all black’ outfit to go with them!
All Black Outfit | Peter & David Sunglasses | | Full Outfit
Overcoat: Mango | Silk top: Mango | Denims: Levis | Boots: Zara | Earrings: Too old for me to remember |
Keeping the accessories to a minimum with just these semi-festive earrings.
All Black Outfit | Peter & David Sunglasses | | Accessory
So black right!!
All Black Outfit | Peter & David Sunglasses | | Closeup
Peter & David is a very clean website that also sells spectacles with a variety of frames in the prescribed power that you need and another fun feature on this website is their contact lenses. They sell contacts of a huge variety of colors! Its a well explained website with almost all questions that you might have answered. They are very meticulous with providing information about their products regarding exactly what materials have been used, their history, etc. All this definitely makes the prospective buyer very confident about their future purchases.
All Black Outfit | Peter & David Sunglasses | | Casing

All Black Outfit | Peter & David Sunglasses | | Case 1
Peter & David can also be found on Facebook.
Their price points being so very competitive while still providing fabulous finishing and quality, this is definitely one website I think I will be returning to! Plus these shades suit me like a bomb right! Diana really knows what she’s doing!

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