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Although the winters have not yet been as harsh as they usually are, somehow my hair have taken a harsh beating this time around. I could partially attribute the loss of hair quality to my recent trip to Leh too. Cold dry weather and not too much hot water to be able to condition…and even shampoo sometimes. Whatever the cause maybe, its about time that I seriously took some measures to restore the shine and health that my hair used to have and reflect. Which is exactly why I decided to take up the 14 day #DamagedToDamnGood Hair Challengeby Pantene.

Damaged to Damn Good Hair { Pantene } - Akanksha Redhu
All I have to do is use the new Daily Moisture Repair Collection by Pantene instead of my usual shampoo and conditioner for 14 complete days. Now unlike some vain maniac, I’m not actually going to shampoo and condition my hair EVERY day. I plan to stick to my usual routine of:
–> 2 – 3 times a week of shampoo &
–> 1 – 2 times a week of conditioning
–> Once a week of oiling hair for around 2 hours

Here are some additional tips that I always keep in mind during the winters:
–> Say no to hair dryers/ flat irons/ curl irons. These hair styling instruments work on the principle of heat, which when used during winters make matters worse. Instead use the cool setting of the dryer which though may take longer to dry but it would retain the moisture.
–> Choose wooden hair brushes or combs instead of plastic. This is to fight the static hair caused by absence of moisture.
–> If it fits in your schedule and budget, visit a good salon for protein treatment.
–> While woolen caps, scarves and stoles may make a style statement, it can also be the cause of hair breakage especially at the nape of your neck or forehead. Don’t try to be over-protective by wearing them tightly around your head. Leave sufficient space for air circulation in the scalp.
–> Winter may cause split-ends. The best hair care winter for this is to trim your hair a bit. This makes your hair look good and healthy. This will also prevent further splitting.
–> Don’t tie your hair while they are wet.

Hopefully my hair will be in a better place once this challenge is complete. For now…this is just the beginning. Wish me luck!
Damaged to Damn Good Hair { Pantene } - Akanksha Redhu
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