Looking Back :: { November }

November has been nothing less than a crazy month! Weddings in full swing, major changes in work, launches and parties happening everywhere and a really good friend moving to another city. Sometimes you get so ‘used to’ some people that you don’t really give life without them constantly in it too much of a thought. Luckily there has been a lot happening around for me to sulk around and be sad.

Now onto the month that’s almost over. Probably the biggest Hindu festival, November is usually the month that hosts Diwali every year. And I’m happy to say that I haven’t burst any crackers in what seems like forever now. And that certainly doesn’t mean that I don’t celebrate it. Wore my favourite floral patiala salwaar with a crisp white kurta and amrapali earrings and had a humungous dinner and many more drinks with the family. Videos were made too but those are probably not appropriate to share on a public forum (read = everyone was drunk). Here’s my look for the Diwali evening.
Looking Back :: { November } | Diwali Look | Akanksha Redhu

The days you know you have worked out and don’t get to eat a particular meal, and you feel like you could eat another person for the next…This ‘Happy Soul’ Toastie is exactly for days like that and that was exactly how I was feeling the day I came up with this mega snack (and didn’t want to dig into junk)
Ingredients: One mutton seekh kebab + 2 whole eggs + 2 pinch flaxseeds + 1 slice whole wheat bread + Fresh coriander + seasoning
Method: Mash the heated kebab | Single fry both eggs (in a microwave if you want to go oil-less) | Toast the slice of bread | Top with half mashed kebab | Sprinkle flaxseeds | Place one single fry | Spread remaining mashed kebab | Place second single fry | Sprinkle salt & Pepper | Sprinkle coriander | DEVOUR
This will calm the mother of all cravings & hunger pangs. And the way I see it, its ‘mostly’ homemade sparing the kebab & bread so its healthy enough.
Looking Back :: { November } | Happy Soul Toastie | Akanksha Redhu

Needless to say, there was another wedding that I had to attend. Here is what I wore for that:
Looking Back :: { November } | Wedding Outfit | Akanksha Redhu
Salwar Kameez: Ritu Kumar | Earrings: Amrapali | Lipstick: DIVA by M.A.C |
(These earrings go perfectly for this particular outfit. Don’t they?!)

Chanel launched its beauty & fragrance store in Delhi recently which is another blog post entirely. But here is my look for their launch party. I do realize its a #selfie overload, but I really do love that ZARA jacket that much!
Looking Back :: { November } | Chanel Party Look | Akanksha Redhu

Technically speaking Halloween was in October but I couldn’t fit that into my October post so I’m sharing my look for the Halloween party hosted by Kassia in this post. I was a good old zombie with a slashed cheek. Somewhere mid-party after some drinks ofcourse, I did hijack Grant’s SpongeBob Squarepants head for a while. That’s me trying some zombie expressions and failing in my opinion.
Looking Back :: { November } | Halloween Look | Akanksha Redhu

On a regular basis during the winters, I consume about 2-3 cups of home brewed green tea which has a lovely feel good factor to it. But once in a while you just want something more. For those times I turn to my Special Cinnamon Hot Cocoa. You can literally tuck yourself away in this comfort-drink made for the winters.
Ingredients: 1 cup skimmed milk + 2 Tablespoons Cadbury Cocoa Powder + 1 Teaspoon Hershey’s Syrup + 1 Large Cinnamon stick + 1 Teaspoon Honey
Method: Warm up the milk (preferably on the stove rather than the microwave because you have to keep stirring occasionally) |add in the rest of the ingredients and stir till its a gorgeous brown uniform mixture | Pour in a cup | Drink | Pet a dog/cat if you have one or read|
Looking Back :: { November } | Cinnamon Hot Cocoa | Akanksha Redhu
I would love to know how your November went?
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