Looking Back – { October }

Its officially wedding season! And festive season. There is an unexplained exponential increase in traffic on the roads, people going crazy shopping, lit up homes, a definitive nip in the air and parties happening all around town. October has been an amazing month.
I got to be a part of the Raid De Himalaya as an official and see some breath-taking places in this country and be a part of an amazing group of people. I couldn’t have asked for a better travel experience. Can you spot me? Can you tell I’m happy?
Raid De Himalaya - Looking Back { October }
Also stayed in the most adorable little resort in Leh during the final days of the rally – Eco Poplar Resort. The have their own apple trees growing everywhere between the rooms. Got to soak up the sun on a hammock and eat apples throughout our stay. Since it was the end of the season, it did get cold during the day towards the end though.
Eco Poplar Resort, Leh - Looking Back { October }
Since I have been hearing rave reviews about Kiehls Products, I decided to get myself some samples to try out. I am a big fan of the Midnight Recovery Concentrate and wanted to explore more of their offerings.
Kiehls Samples - Looking Back { October }
In the middle of October somewhere I did have a sudden hunger pang for neons so I decided to take out my old Zara Neon necklace and try it out with some popping pink MAC lipstick (Veronica from the Archies series). Tried to keep everything else basic. A plain grey tee with a dull peach colored leather jacket on top.
Outfit Details - Looking Back { October }
Weddings get me really excited, what with all the Indian Outfits, makeup and accessorization to be done and enjoyed! Attended the first wedding of the season. A friend from college tying the knot and the weather couldn’t be more perfect. Not too hot that you dread going and sweating and not too cold to be able to wear whatever you please without carrying those boring shawls, etc.
Since the wedding was a daytime affair I decided to experiment a little by not going completely traditional. And also ‘recycle’. What I recycled was my own wedding lehenga (skirt). Hasn’t been worn even once since my own wedding and the pretty thing just laying there unused had me bothered for quite a while. Finally, I had an opportunity to use it!
Wedding Outfit - Looking Back { October }
I combined my Ritu Kumar lehenga with a plain cream loose – fit shirt from Forever 21 ( which I bagged on sale!! ). Completely buttoned up and tucked in. Wore it with a chunky Kashmiri necklace and silver earrings. Complimenting the lehenga was the red ‘Shiela Ring’ from Swarovski (seen here & here earlier) and my engagement ring. That’s it! Simple yet effective. I loved the final outcome…and so did a lot of other people! What made me the happiest was that I finally got to use the lehenga again and that it WON’T be a complete waste now.
Wedding Outfit Details - Looking Back { October }
The amount of contentment, joy and nourishment that you get from a self-prepared, fresh-ingredient meal from scratch is quite unparalleled. Not to say that I’ll be firing my maid anytime soon but I do like to make my meals sometimes. This was a super-tasty and super-quick dinner salad I made recently. And filling enough to be had as a dinner meal. Salt soaked tomatoes + grilled green capsicums + grilled cottage cheese + fresh spring onions + Oil-less sunny side up eggs + olive oil + homemade coriander-yogurt dressing + white wine vinegar. Boom!
Dinner Salad - Looking Back { October }

How did your October go? Would love to hear anything exciting that happened to you!
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