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A visit to DLF Emporio is quite incomplete without a lunch at The Cavalli Caffe. Even more so now since they have a spankin’ new menu and you will fall in LOVE with it.

I recently visited to try it out with a girlfriend and here is a lowdown of what we ate. To begin with I first wanted to share Roberto Cavalli’s personal message to all his customers – “Enjoy your Time”…and boy we did!
Cavalli Caffe Emporio Menu
We started off with a Beetroot Vinaigrette. Fresh, light and a mouthful of flavour to get your digestive juices running.
Beetroot Vinaigrette - Cavalli Caffe Emporio
You can’t help but notice the gorgeous wine bottles stacked on the side.
Wine Bottles - Cavalli Caffe Emporio
Moving on to the starters:
Spicy Italian Cold Cuts + Mozzarella + Zucchini Bruschetta & Tomato + Basil + Parmesan Bruschetta
There are a lot of restaurants out there where the bruschetta bread is too tough and extra toasted. Personally, I don’t like that. These were however very light, crispy yet easy to chew. The tomato one was especially fantastic.
Starters - Cavalli Caffe Emporio
Following that was the divine Rucola & Goat Cheese with Pine Nuts & Oranges Salad. Loved how the oranges introduce a citrus splash to the heavy taste of goat cheese. I also must say that all the ingredients of the lunch were so fresh, it automatically appeals to you.
Rucola & Goat Cheese Salad - Cavalli Caffe Emporio
Since it was a lunch date, we did go ahead and order some cocktails too! Especially loved their bubbly ones.
Cocktails - Cavalli Caffe Emporio
Crema Di Pomodoro (Creamy Tomato Soup) & Pizza Speciale
The tomato soup was served inside a bowl made of bread. Wow! Tasted just like the homecooked soup we all love. The Pizza was Bacon + Roasted Garlics + Onion with a sunny side-up egg. My first time with a sunny sided egg on a pizza and I’m a fan. The pizza crust was again very light and toasty.
Soup + Pizza - Cavalli Caffe Emporio
For the main course we ordered Pesto Braised Prawns + Aglio Olio Peperoncino + Balsamic Garlic Peppers & Potato Gnocchi with Walnuts + Gorgonzola.
The gnocchi was the epitome of tasty comfort food. Subtle & flavourful. But being comfort food, be warned it is heavy. Each bite is like a gorgeous meal in itself. The prawns on the other side were very light, refreshing and perfect for a lunch date.
Main Course - Cavalli Caffe Emporio
Desserts: Hot Chocolate Foam with a Rum Granita & Red Wine Poached Fig & Apricot Crumble (Eggless)
If there is one dish that you MUST have at the Cavalli Caffe, it is the hot chocolate foam dessert. The contrast of the heavenly hot chocolate on top of the slushy iced rum will literally make your taste buds dance with joy. Its also decorated with the signature Cavalli Caffe stamped chocolate oval.
Not to be left too behind, the tart was in a league of its own. Definitely the best dessert to try for the non-chocolate lovers. Can you tell I’m a dessert person yet?
Desserts - Cavalli Caffe Emporio
I’d like to extend a huge thank you to Mr. Kapil Sethi, the Executive Chef at the Cavalli Caffe who was kind enough to send across the best dishes on the menu.
Chef Kapil Sethi - Cavalli Caffe Emporio
A quick look around the caffe:
Interiors - Cavalli Caffe Emporio
Yes he has his own wine & vodka named after him!
Cavalli Wine & Vodka - Cavalli Caffe Emporio
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I’d love to hear what your favourite dish from the Cavalli Caffe is if you have tried the new menu.
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