Looking Back :: { September }

This has been quite a lovely month. I have even observed a noticeable increase in professionalism towards bloggers in this past month…or maybe that’s just me avoiding the un-professional ones. Either ways, its been a good month.

Its probably not just me, but I have also noticed that the better I eat, first thing in the morning, the better my day goes and the higher my energy levels stay. So I have made it a point to eat a grand and particularly healthy/clean breakfast within an hour of waking up. Since I don’t have too much time to get too lavish here’s what I usually have:
(*) A big cup of green tea + lemon and as little honey in it as possible
(*) 2 Apples with Peanut Butter OR 1 Peanut Butter and Banana Toastie
(*) A tomato + homemade hummus + dried basil/fresh coriander + flaxseeds + 1 egg on a toast. (I don’t single fry the egg in oil or butter. Instead, I crack it open in a large faced bowl and microwave it for 2.5 minutes at 30% power to avoid any oil)
Wrapping - Up :: { September } - Egg Toastie
Bhane recently had a party to showcase their upcoming Fall/Winter ’13 collection which revolved around ice-cream and even had mini-golf. Umm…WOW! Here’s what I wore to it. Blinged out on my ASOS accessories.
Wrapping - Up :: { September } - Bhane Preview Outfit
Wrapping - Up :: { September } - ASOS accessories
Checks have been seen everywhere lately. Fell in love with this skirt at Forever21. Love the large checks, the shape of the skirt and most of all its length. Its length will also elongate ones appearance which is always an added advantage!
Wrapping - Up :: { September } - Forever21 Skirt
Another outfit gem I found was at Mango. A solid white jacket is an evergreen classic and so are animal print pants. And together, its a very classic look. Top it off with some chic gold accessories and its perfect.
Wrapping - Up :: { September } - Mango Outfit

And now I’m off to be a part of the Raid-de-Himalaya as an official. Be back by mid-October. Hopefully I’ll be able to do a post about it once I’m back! So excited! I will be missing the fashion week this time but I don’t mind at all. The rally is gonna be WAY more fun that that, and a break well-deserved.

How was your September? I would love to know!
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