The Sublime Beauty Cream by L’Occitane { #BBCream }

I received The L’occitane Sublime Beauty Cream a few days back and I was more than happy to try it out due to my obvious fascination with BB Creams lately. THIS is the other post where I had covered some more bb creams.
L'OCCITANE Sublime Beauty Cream - BB Cream - Packaging
After a few days of using The Sublime Beauty Cream, I can definitely say that this is going in the ‘favourite’ beauty products handbook of mine. It is very efficient ad multi-tasking beauty product and is a MUST-HAVE during travel and vacations. Here is why:
~ It has SPF30 protection
~ Reduces redness on application
~ It has a gorgeous creamy texture on application and leaves the skin mattified after a while. Even though I have combination skin, I was pleasantly surprised that it did not leave my skin shining, something that rarely ever happens.
~ It provides heavier coverage than most bb creams available in the market. Even more than most tinted moisturizers. The coverage aspect is what sold it to me. I prefer heavier coverage in bb creams so that I can altogether skip foundation and concealer for the day time and while travelling. Its such a nuisance applying makeup A to Z when you are travelling or on vacation. To just have one product that takes care of EVERTHING is god-sent and the L’occitane BB Cream is it.
~ Application is simple and easy. All I did was apply it over my daytime moisturiser and I was set.

L'OCCITANE Sublime Beauty Cream - BB Cream - Texture
It moisturises, provides more than average coverage, treats and protects from the sun. And lasts the whole day. I’m in LOVE!
Comes in a nifty bottle, nothing too huge and can be carried even in your clutches. This BB Cream is priced at approx. ₹ 3000/- and will last you about 2.5 – 3 months.
L'OCCITANE Sublime Beauty Cream - BB Cream - Bottle
The Sublime Beauty cream has the special White Iris Flower & Angelica Flower extracts which are said to provide incredible hydration and vitality to the skin.
The number of shades in this product are unfortunately limited to just 2. Not nearly enough to suit many skin tones out there. However the ‘Light’ one suits me just fine.
L'OCCITANE Sublime Beauty Cream - BB Cream - Details
RATING: 8.5/10

If you have used this product, I would love to hear what you think of it. You can also follow L’OCCITANE on Twitter to stay updated with all there latest products.

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