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Being my first ever #BeerTasting session, there is only one way this day could have gone – Downright awesome! Cannot thank The Beer Café enough for inviting me for this fun and informative evening of beer & food pairing. You’d think that by the end of it I wouldn’t have been able to grasp on to too much information but you’re wrong. When the subject is beer, its hard not to remember what you’ve learnt about it.
BrewsCruise at The Beer Cafe - Main
Organized by The Beer Café & Tulleeho, Rohan Jelkie, mixologist and trainer from Tulleeho took everyone on a tour of lagers, wheats, stouts and ales. The man really knows his alcohol. Ask him any question and he always has an answer, which made sense too!
Enough of talking, here are the beers that we got to taste on the #BrewsCruise:
BrewsCruise at The Beer Cafe - All Beers
| Murphys | Erdinger | Brooklyn Brand | Heineken | Duvel | Estrella | Liefmans | Dunkel |

Rohan started with the ‘lightest’ beer flavour-wise which was Estrella. In a Stella glass. Estrella has the least amount of bitter-aftertaste in it. From that he graduated to beers with more and more bitter after-tastes, to wheat beer, stouts and ale. The session was finished by a beer-cocktail making activity for which the Fruit beer – Liefmans was used. Hardly tasted like beer. Very fruity and perfect for making cocktails!
The beers in the order in which we tasted them:
BrewsCruise at The Beer Cafe - Estrella
This was the best part of the session for me. Not because Heineken happens to be my favourite beer but because of the glasses it was served in. Called the ‘Heineken Nucleated Glasses’, these have a nucleated base which is basicalley an etched design on the glass base that encourages the optimum level of CO2 in the beer to be released, making for a longer-lasting head, keeping the beer fresher for a longer time and literally taste better than in any other beer glass / mug. I actually tried that and the same beer DID taste different. While this is not a new concept, this was the first time I was hearing about it and had to mention it here.
BrewsCruise at The Beer Cafe - Heineken

BrewsCruise at The Beer Cafe - Brooklyn Brand

BrewsCruise at The Beer Cafe - Hoegaarden

BrewsCruise at The Beer Cafe - Erdinger

BrewsCruise at The Beer Cafe - Dunkel
BrewsCruise at The Beer Cafe - Dunkel

BrewsCruise at The Beer Cafe - Pedigree

BrewsCruise at The Beer Cafe - Murphy's
That’s Rohan Jelkie in the background.
BrewsCruise at The Beer Cafe - Duvel

BrewsCruise at The Beer Cafe - Food

BrewsCruise at The Beer Cafe - Liefmans
It was a lovely evening of absolutely amazing beers, great food (you have GOT to try their beer battered fish) and meeting some lovely people. The Beer Café has the largest selection of beers that I have seen in Delhi and should be on top of your list if you are a #BeerLover.
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