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That’s { N.E.R.D } – eshwari in some other words!
I have been a nerd ALL my life. Yup! I was that kid who never lent her eraser to you in school coz I didn’t want it to get dirty. I was that very awkward teen who lent you that steel ruler in college but constantly kept a hawk-eye on you while you used it. Lets not even go to that place incase you happened to lose it. I always had my homework done on time in school, assignments submitted on time in college – well mostly. Never cut a single class in school. I even remember sitting through my third grade finals while having the worst case of chicken-pox (yes, that was a real thing back then) in a corner refusing to be sent home coz that’s how hard I had studied for them. I do remember bunking a few classes in college but always feeling guilty about it later! I was never interested in boys in school. It was just books, sports and food for me. Some even thought I was gay. That changed when college happened though. And I have never, even once regretted being the nerd that I was. I kinda like it. It defines me a bit. Although I have learnt to sit back and not give a fuck quite well over the years I still like being that nerd sometimes.

So it was only fitting that I hit ‘Add To Cart’ the moment I saw this dope cap on ASOS. Now please show some love and tell me that I’m not the only one who actually thinks that its dope. (Totally not trying to be cool using the word ‘dope’ either).
Anyways…do you like it? I love it. Its been a while since I bought this cap but it was too special to not have an entire post dedicated to it and what it stands for.
{ N.E.R.D } - ilicious ASOS Main

{ N.E.R.D } - ilicious ASOS Double

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A huge hug to all the nerds out there.

ps – This cap is on sale now!! For $10.13 Click HERE, type ‘nerd’ in the search bar & you’ll find it.

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