{ Au revoir August }

August has gone by so quickly! Summer seems to be fading away too…slowly but surely. What is it about summer that makes you want it to never end? Its probably the heat that reminds me of sunny beaches where I can lay forever. All I can surely say is that the more time I spend living in a city like Delhi, the stronger my feelings of wanting to get out become. Anyways, I’ll save that for another whimsical yearning themed post. This is more of a recap of the month gone by.

As always…dreaming of beaches. In particular my last trip to the Andaman Islands which happened last year. This is one of those places where, if you have travelled once, you will want to visit it every year after that. Air tickets are quite cheap and cost pretty much as air tickets to Thailand. Havelock Island is a dream. Radhanagar beach on it is absolutely pristine! On my last trip there, we were lucky enough to even spot the elusive Jarawa Tribe. One of them hit our jeep with his hands. Was very unclear from his expressions whether it was out of rage, happiness, mutual excitement of seeing something out of the ordinary or just plain boredom. But as we all got shocked & had slightly scared expressions on our faces, we definitely saw him start laughing out of entertainment.
{ Au revoir August } - Andamans
I’ve been helping build a ‘London Wardrobe’ for Naina’s #EyesForLondon project. Its only natural that I stumbled on some gems for myself too! This gorgeous dress & hat from Forever21.
For those of you who know me well, I’m not a ‘dress’ kinda person but once in a while I do like to wear em coz they literally turn me into a different person. I instantly fell in love with the Blue and White print on this dress.
{ Au revoir August } - Forever21 Dress
This hat is the epitome of a beach-y summer. Already worn it so much. But This Outfit makes the hat look superbly appropriate.
{ Au revoir August } - Studded Hat
Also found these to-die-for patent leather men’s shoes at ALDO. I most certainly have a ‘thing’ for men’s shoes. Its something called ‘undying love’. At all points throughout my life I have always had atleast one pair of men’s shoes in my wardrobe. Unbelievably comfortable, classic and always available in my size (41).
{ Au revoir August } - ALDO Shoes
Discovered THE best waffles in Delhi. At Rose Café near Saket. Perfect amount of crispy on the outside and chewy softness on the inside. Airy and light. And they serve it with the most awesome chocolate sauce.
{ Au revoir August } - Waffles at Rose Cafe
Summer in a photograph. Had these laid out for a shoot. It was only after I had clicked this photograph that I realised it was all of summer wrapped in one. Tropical prints, bright colors and so much love!
{ Au revoir August } - Summer Essentials
And last but not the least…I crossed a 1000 followers on Pinterest. Yay! I know its not much but a landmark must be reconized and given its due credit.
{ Au revoir August } - Pinterest
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