Monsoon Hair Care by L’OCCITANE – { Aromachologie Revitalizing Collection }

Most of us know very well how the monsoons play a rude game with our hair. Making them frizzy and teaching them lack of discipline. It can get quite exhausting to even expect a good head of happy hair everyday! Using the Aromachologie Revitalizing Fresh Collection by L’OCCITANE really changed that for me.
Monsoon Hair Care by L'OCCITANE
Monsoon Hair Care by L'OCCITANE - The Range
This collection helps keep the scalp cool during hot summer days and helps tame frizzy hair during the monsoon. Its a new range of daily hair care products that combine the revitalizing properties of five essential oils (namely mint, cedar, lavender, thyme & grapefruit) with a purifying natural plant vinegar, to keep hair light and shiny, longer!

Shampoo: When they say ‘helps keep the scalp cool’ they SERIOUSLY mean keep it cool. The mint oil literally sends a wave of chilling refresh across the entire scalp. A word of advice, if you are one of those people who always like their shower temp to be a little high, this may not be the product for you. It makes your head really tingly and cool! Perfect for those excruciating hot summer days though.
Monsoon Hair Care by L'OCCITANE - Shampoo & Conditioner
Conditioner: While applying this to your hair, you may feel that it may not not help with detanglement of hair, like you would expect from creamy conditioners, but you will eventually see that it does. This conditioner really calmed my hair down even during the maxed humidity days and kept them tamed for a certainly longer period of time than any other product. Also did not make the hair feel heavy even though it has a creamy texture.

Scalp Tonic: This is by far my favourite hair product of this season! It is supposed to reduce excess sebum & purify the scalp leaving it feeling incredibly fresh. Hair stays clean longer. You are supposed to apply it directly to the scalp (hair should be dry or towel-dried) then massage to boost micro circulation.
This is the prefect product to carry in your travel bag for your vacation or if you are stepping out of the house on a hot summer day! Completely energizes your scalp in the burning sun.
Monsoon Hair Care by L'OCCITANE - The Scalp Tonic

Mine being an oily scalp, this product line seems perfect for me! While on an average my hair tend to become greasy on the 2 day after a shampoo, I noticed that after using these my hair were presentably clean and non-greasy even on the 4th day. Had to wash them after that though. For those looking to try these products I would definitely suggest using all 3 together as a unit. Will be much more effective that way.

Hope this review helped!
Here is also a quick and cute video by L’OCCITANE for those of us who get confused by the correct way to pronounce it. I certainly did the first time I heard of the product!

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