The Summer Drink – Basil Lemonade

During peak summers and those extremely humid days during the rains, all you sometimes need is to power up, to energize and quench your thirst. Especially when you get back home at the end of the day. While water will be the all-universal thirst quencher, what I have to offer is a step up. Many of you will suddenly get your defences up saying “whose got the time and energy to ‘make’ something”, all I will say is that this will take about 5 minutes or less and make you wonder why you never tried this before. The Basil Lemonade is simply put – a lemonade with the addition of basil in it. A wave of REFRESH.
Basil Lemonade
The Ingredients:
*) A bunch of basil leaves
*) 1 medium sized lemon
*) Salt & Sugar to taste (Ground sugar gets dissolved better & faster if you are not a fan of too much stirring)
Basil Lemonade - Ingredients
Keep 3 leaves of basil and a thin slice of lemon apart for garnishing. Everything tastes better if it looks better.
Basil Lemonade - Garnish
Squeeze the entire lime, add salt and sugar to taste.
Basil Lemonade - Muddle
Break the basil leaves by hand and drop them in the mixture. Muddle everything with a spoon. Add water. Room temperature water will dissolve the sugar faster. Stir to mix. Add in as many ice cubes as you can fit in the tumbler. Give one final stir. Garnish and DRINK.
Basil Lemonade - Ready
I told you! Super-easy! Super-quick! Let me know how you like it if you get motivated to make one for yourself.

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