July in a Jiffy

Its been a heavily hot and humid and sometimes wet month. The season has been slow but work prospects have been looking up. Here are just a few moments through July.
July - Fashion & Lifestyle
The month started with some clumsy self assault. The scar is almost gone by the way.
Vacations, road trips are being planned, all of which makes me miss my last years trip to Thailand. Here is the blog post about that trip. Seems like forever ago. This is one of my funnest buys from Bangkok. Singha and Chang Beer pretty much substiture water whenever I visit that country. And its the-brightest-neon-green you have ever seen!
Chang Beer Tee Thailand
Got to wear my Dad’s Rolex for a day. That was a good day! And since I had a few points left from Ethos, I decided to get myself a slightly similar looking Swatch. I’m usually all for a leather strap but that Rolex really did a number on me.
The Rolex
Dad's Rolex
The Swatch
Found myself THE most perfect summer shorts at the newly opened Forever21 store in Saket. FINALLY. I know, its ironical, since summer has started packing up. But when you find something so ‘in-connection’ with what you were looking for, you find a way to rejoice anyhow. Its a linen blend in a gorgeous sky blue. Perfect fit and I can almost always picture it with a grey tee, white tennis shoes and a striped blazer. Nautical and divine.
Forever21 Saket Linen Shorts
I always find it hard to find garments, shoes, etc in my size at most of the stores in Saket. I much prefer going to the ones in Vasant Kunj, there is more and current merchandise, people don’t shop like maniacs there and its just an all round good experience. I really had my eyes set on a pair of cobalt blue palazzos at Mango but never found them in my size. Boo. So I leapt when I found these cobalt blue breezy pants at Forever21. I know they aren’t palazzos but im in love with this color so it doesn’t bother me at all.
Cobalt Blue Pants Forever21 Saket

Though it may have been a slow month, it was still a great one. I would love to hear how July went for you!

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