In Bag We Trust

Heres a sneak peak into what I prefer to carry with me in my tiny sling bag on a daily basis. After a spell of being fond of oversized totes its onto my original everlasting love for tiny bags. In my experience large carry bags only bring about an attitude of hoarding/carrying unneccessary objects, a HUGE wastage of time when looking for smaller objects like the house or car keys and eventually and most importantly – a strain on the shoulder or arm. Oh! and did I forget to mention…big bags just seem like too much responsibility!
Moving on, here it is…
In Bag We Trust
(*) My iPod – THE most important thing after my debit card ofcourse. And yes, I do not have a credit card. Never have. And boy am I thankful for that.
(*) Forest Essentials Facial Toner: Pure Rosewater – This one can literally be a life saver in the astonishingly humid heat that Delhi has experienced this season, especially when you have to shoot stuff just like this in the sun. Very refreshing and completely natural, what more could you ask for eh?
(*) Kenzo Flower – I just love perfumes in tiny bottles don’t you? Always ALWAYS pick some up at duty free…but first try and score some as free samples along with the bigger bottles I get!
(*) Crabtree & Evelyn Gardeners Hand Therapy – I have this unexplained need to have a hand cream with me at all times. I suppose its a small way to pamper myself because soft hands really do feel amazing!
(*) Crabtree & Evelyn Gardeners Antibacterial Hand Gel – I also cant moisturize my hands with a gorgeous handcream if they are dirty…so a hand sanitizer is again an essential for me.
(*) MAC Concealer & Mascara – for when my rosacea flares up
In Bag We Trust
(*) And then some basics like Business cards, A tiny 8gb flash drive, Baby wipes(which double up as refreshing wipes in the heat and makeup removers while still being gentle enough since they are meant for babies, or so I’d like to think), cellphone, shades and a tampon(not in the pic ;))
In Bag We Trust
All this stuff is just enough for most of my needs during the day and is super light to carry. I’d love to hear what you carry in your bags, and whether you like oversized or tiny bags!
Hope you liked the post!!
{Bag is ALDO}

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