In Search of a Suitable BB/CC Cream

While this little project had been originally fuelled by my unexplained obsession of owning a CC cream (Color Correction), it turned out that I would not be able to do much about it. Reason: Sephora strangely does not stock ANY CC-creams currently. Hoping that changes soon enough. Its probably because the CC bug hasn’t really caught on among the Indian masses just yet. So in order to satiate my need for something ‘more’ than a tinted moisturizer, I settled for the next best thing available – BB-creams.

The major difference that is supposedly there between BB-creams & CC-creams is that BB-creams (Blemish Balm) have many more beneficial factors that contribute towards skin-care and specific skin conditions for example acne, rosacea, aging, etc. BB-creams that have now become mainstream have less coverage as compared to CC-creams however. Some would say that BB-creams are just tinted moisturizers with spf and extra skincare properties. CC-creams are aimed at women who don’t want to appear cakey everyday with the full spectrum of primers, foundations, concealers, etc. Its something that we can use on a daily basis that provides medium coverage and just enhances our natural skin appearance. However if you have major blemishes which you want to hide, I’m afraid you will have to use a concealer since neither a BB-cream OR a CC-cream will help in that.

And I was looking for a light form of everyday makeup, not something that would help treat my skin problems since I already take care of that separately. Hence my lust for CC-creams.

So here are the BB-creams that are currently available at Sephora except Bobbi Brown. That was right next door so I tried that too. Also please bear in mind the ratings that I have given are a very personal view of how the creams felt on my skin. I have combination/oily skin and some trouble with rosacea and the occasional acne.(I know I’ve thought about it…I maybe cursed)

Stila – Stay All Day® 10-In-One HD Beauty Balm
Price – INR 2800
Rating – 6/10

Stila BB-cream
This was the first time that I was trying a stila product so I didn’t really know what to expect. The coverage was quite underwhelming. But then again coverage was my main motivation which is why my ratings may seem weird. What I liked about this was the texture it left on my skin. Smooth and mattifying. Also seemed to soothe the redness on the skin. Another negative would be that it did not have any spf protection. Boo.

Dior – Hydra Life BB Crème SPF 30-PA+++
Price – INR 4500
Rating – 8/10

Dior BB-cream
The texture this BB-cream left on my skin was undeniably fabulous. Coverage was amazing too. Extremely moisturizing, it left the skin velvet soft and reduced redness as well. Downside would be that this was available in just a single shade…which will in all probability not suit every complexion. Also this product will burn a hole in quite a few pockets and if you are patient enough to read the entire post you’ll see that there is stuff out there better AND cheaper than this.
A little note of thanks to Henry, the Beauty advisor at Sephora for helping me try all these and giving me some nifty makeup tips too!

Clinique – Age Defense BB Cream SPF 30 & Moisture Surge CC Cream SPF 30
Price – INR 2000 each
Ratings – 6.5/10 & 7/10

Clinique BB-cream & CC-cream
While I happen to be a loyal fan of all things Clinique, I was a tad bit let down that neither of these had the coverage I was looking for. Coverage-wise they seemed identical to me. The ONLY difference that my brain could comprehend between these two was exactly what their names suggested – The BB-cream has age-defying properties and antioxidants to give your skin a motivational boost and the CC-cream has a lovely moisturizing feel and texture. The BB-cream seemed a bit dry for my taste.
NOTE: The Clinique CC-cream is not available currently at Sephora either. I hopped into the Clinique store to try it out. Alex was kind enough to indulge me.

Price – INR 3500
Rating – 8/10

The Face Shop BB-cream
Apparently The Face Shop is the daddy of all BB-creams since they were the ones to introduce the concept to the makeup market. Its a Korean company. Asia happens to be the ground-zero for the worldwide craze over the BB and CC creams. Asian manufactured BB & CC creams also happen to have more coverage compared to their western produced brothers and sisters.
The Face Shop BB-cream was a dream. Lovely moisturizing and coverage points. Did not feel heavy on the skin. All in all, great properties. It comes along with this vibrating sponge applicator which really makes the skin absorb the product and makes it seem as though there is no makeup at all…but the coverage is there! My only issue is that I, unlike most women, like to carry a tiny sling bag rather than a large tote or purse. And this applicator would be too much for me to carry around everywhere. I want something that comes in a tiny tube and I can take with me everywhere…the whole point of me wanting a CC-cream.

Bobbi Brown – BB Cream SPF 35
Price – INR 2940
Rating – 8.5/10

Bobbi Brown BB-cream
I tried on the Medium shade in this BB-cream and it was a complete joy. Can be easily applied and blended by the fingers. Has great coverage…ofcourse not as much as any foundation, but definitely more than the Clinique and Stila BB-creams. Scored great on moisturizing capabilities as well. It comes in a slender tube so will be easy to carry around. They have a total of 5 different shades to try from. AND its for INR 3000. For such a finish and at this pricing, I seem to have found my hero among the BB-creams! Still haven’t bought it just incase there is something more for me to try so I will wait a while longer. Strangely enough the people at the Bobbi Brown store didn’t let me take my own pics of the products(bummer) which is why I had to use this soul-less image I picked up online.
Deepika at the Bobbi Brown store also applied the Hydrating Gel Cream (also for INR 2940) before applying the BB-cream. This gel had an amazing texture too! Thought I should atleast mention it.

This is what a part of the makeup table looked like after Henry was done trying all the BB-creams on me at Sephora. It was a fun trip.
The after-math of trials
A big thanks to Ankita for quickly making it possible for me to do my impromptu review at Sephora.

So that’s it for my little BB-cream adventure. Hope it was of some help in understanding the mystery of the unending universe of makeup. If there is any BB-cream that you have tried and loved, please do tell me about it!

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