{ Stylaned } – A Wonderland called ‘Sephora’

Each time I visit the ‘first in India’ newly opened Sephora store in Select Citywalk Mall, New Delhi, it feels like my very first time there. With the excitement that Alice must have had in wonderland, there are new products to discover each time, a tester for EVERY product, there is never enough time to try out everything. I love it!!

This stylaned feature focusses on the products & aspects of the store that caught my fancy and also a make-up look that Sephora’s very own make-up artist Prienou tried out on me. Off late I have been itching to try something other than the usual bright reds & oranges on my lips so I opted for a goth wine-stained lips look which you will see towards the end. And I have to tell you…I am just waiting now for my next trip to Sephora so that I can go pick up the purple lipstick that she used on me. I have been dreaming about it for days now. So here goes…
You can’t help but be completely enchanted by their ‘Nail Paint Walls’. Every possible shade of every possible color that you can think of.

Base Freak! You name a type of base/foundation and they will have it. Liquid / Powder / High Definition…I’m sure theres more but I lack that depth of knowledge when it comes to make-up.

I was impressed with the choices that the customer has with the make-up brushes.

I’m not really sure whether you get this at any other stores in India, but it was great to spot the StriVectin TL range here. I have heard some great reviews about these products!

And men don’t need to feel left out either. Apart from perfumes, there are a substantial number of products for men as well. YAY! The energising moisture gel definitely looked like something that deserves a try. Not a lotion or cream to make ’em feel pansy but a gel form. Should make a good gift too!

I am definitely picking up this BAMBOO Smooth On-the-go travel set for my next beachside vacation. Looks very nifty.

For me personally, these lip glosses in the form of lolli-pops were sure shot winners! Fabulous to gift to any girl you know or heck even yourself. A bit on the girly side but we all have that side whether we like to admit it or not. Teeh!

The lucious lively colors of the Sephora Bath Range can take anyone’s breath away! Love love love the colors and energy.

The Gadget Wall is another mini-wonderland in itself. With all sorts of make-up accessories, its easy to get lost and have the desire to pick up everything you see. So beware!

And finally to the most exciting part of the Sephora trip – The makeup session by Prienou. I tried my best to give a serious face in the photographs since I was going for a serious and gothic look. Tried I did!! This is what I started out with.

And this is the final look. Along with me is Prienou ofcourse. And she knows her make-up!

Do let me know what you think of this feature on Sephora. The last two photographs have been clicked by @Naina
As always there is another, gorgeous set of photographs to see on @Naina’s website Naina.co

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