Rad V-Day Things for the Guy

Yes, its gonna be valentines day and all us girls wantt pretty things, gifts, meals, time, love..the list is endless. How about you get something for your man too this time. I am usually not too big on the whole ‘gifting’ thing but when I do come across stuff, cheap or expensive, that I know he will definitely get excited about, I make it a point to pick it up for him. So instead of making it one ‘big’ thing, I have got an assortment of little things to give to my man on V-day. I haven’t yet decided whether I want to make it into a hamper or spread out the gifts throughout the day. A hamper would be a better idea I suppose since Im only gonna come back from work by the evening. Boo.

This post is just me sharing what I’ve picked up for him this time. Ofcourse different men have different definitions of happy gifts so you’ll know better what will work for your man. But since he is a total guys guy, these would probably make for good ideas too. He is into the whole beard n stache mode, loves his drink, is crazy about beer and could spend an eternity building his bar. It IS going to be a surprise for him which is why the post is so close to the actual day…didn’t want him getting a whiff of it.

Wild Bill’s Soft Mustache Wax:
This is the first thing that I had ordered from Salt Lake City, United States. Made with lanolin, beeswax, petroleum jelly, and a scoop of jojoba gel. Natural color blends in and will not flake. Slightly scented with rosemary, sage, and juniper berry. All natural ingredients. Ordered this beauty from www.etsy.com and cost me about $ 14.00 including shipping.

Gama-GO Skull Ice Cube Molds:
These were ordered from www.gama-go.com and cost $ 12.00 per mold. One would just be wierd so I ordered 3 of them and in total it cost me about $ 60.00 including shipping. I know the shipping costs are quite the joke but when delivering to a country like India where theft is a ‘normal’ part of life, spending a bit extra on shipping so that you are assured of delivery is a good idea. And I know he will be completely thrilled with this!

{The last image has been taken from the GamaGo website itself}

Park Avenue BEER SHAMPOO – Made from Real Beer:
If I said that he loves his beer, it would be considered a ‘HUGE’ understatement. See the irony. Anyways. This one was a wild card entry. I had decided to stop at the first two but a trip to the local markets ‘kirana shop’ I just happened to notice this, and I just could not resist. Its for ₹ 160.00 ONLY. And it comes in a pint of its own. Im definite he will be stoked to use this too!

So there you go. Thats the contents of what I’m giving him for this Valentines Day. And I know it is a little cheesy but sometimes, its actually nice to have a bit of fun with it! And for what its worth, I really dont give a crap about how others see it. As long as my day is fun, the purpose has been served. Hope you have a fun day too!
Let me know if you like the post and would like to see something more like this – Male oriented I mean.

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