Of Holidays & Wishlists & Gold

Its that time of the year when you can’t help but feel festive! Its a brand New Year. The cold makes you want to have comfort food, hot chocolates and bake cakes. You feel blessed to be with your family and friends and are thankful for everything good in your life. While these are the deeper pleasures of life, there is plenty extra stuff we like to do. By that I mostly mean SHOPPING. We don’t care how much money we have in our accounts for a change & we just want to shop, not only for ourselves but for others too. Which is why with every festive season comes a Wishlist. This particular one I have is ofcourse my ultimate one – the one you know you really cannot have for real but would like to anyway. Its the king of wishlists. And since I have not posted in what seems like a really long time, I decided to share my secret wishlist with everyone. My desires are open for all to see and judge!

(1) Hervé Van Der Straeten Hammered 24-karat gold-plated tiered earrings (2) The Sartorialist: Closer by Scott Schuman book (3) JAQET LANDSCAPE WALLET in BLAQ (4) Nettie Kent Slice of Sand Leather Cuff (5) Dolce & Gabbana Paillette-embellished crocheted frame clutch (6) Oscar de la Renta Eva sequined satin pumps (7) Smythson Keep Calm And Carry On textured-leather notebook

You will notice that gold makes a huge chunk of the wishlist. It is indeed a very festive choice in fashion. Here are some looks in Red Carpet Fashion that will surely inspire you to include some gold in your wishlist as well:

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