Nandita Mahtani – Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2012

I know this post has been a bit delayed but nonetheless, I had to write about it because I had all these fabulous photographs lying with me. Couldn’t let them go to waste! Following are images from Nandita Mahtani’s show at the recently concluded Delhi leg of the Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2012.
It was a very specific evening/cocktails dressy collection with the scales tipping slightly towards bling but it never looked in-you-face garish. Elegantly done. Most of the dresses and colors were young, vibrant and catchy while some had been reserved for a more mature mindset with dull earthy colors. The only thing that confused me a bit was how the designer was trying to merge rocker studs and classy pretty swarovski crystal embellishments together. Seemed a bit messy. Silhouettes were nothing out of the world either. Playing safe with basic, evergreen cuts and draping styles on dresses that everyone will like. Nothing wrong with that I supose. The real treat were the gorgeous models walking the ramp, the minimal but very chic make-up used for the show and the few accessories/jewelery that had been used.
Bipasha looked like a breath of fresh air in the minty maxi gown that she was wearing. I really wish Nandita Mahtani had picked out something else to wear for her show. The silhuoette didn’t suit her image or age! Nuff said!

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