{ Stylaned } – Modernist Gota feat. Jenjum Gadi

Jenjum Gadi who was one half of the label KOGA sometime back now has his own label. Not afraid to experiment with materials, this time Jenjum has focussed on ‘Gota Work’. Using it in a way that is very different from the traditional Indianwear, he has given the concept of Gota a breath of fresh air! For example the jacket that is featured here, you will never be able to realize that its surface ornamentation has been done using ‘Gota’ but go close and you’ll see what I’m talking about. His collection ranges from some aggressive modernist gota usage to minimal ethereal forms and usage.
So here is a look at some of the pieces from his very new collection that he showcased at the Wills India Fashion Week S/S ’13.

|Photographs + Art Direction + Post Production: Naina Redhu| |Short Jacket & Dress: Jenjum Gadi [Twitter]||Velvet Maxi Skirt: Self||Necklace: Vintage||Ear Studs & Ring: ALDO||Shoes: Zara|

There are more photographs to be seen on Naina’s site HERE.

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