Travelogue: { Thailand }

Phuket – Kata Beach. Raya Island. Koh Samui – Lamai Beach. Bangkok
And since I have always preferred illustrated books over textual ones – here goes…

It ain’t a vacation unless you replace your water bottles with this stuff. And please…the local stuff. you can get plenty Buds and Heinekens back home!

3 Words – Seafood, Seafood, Seafood.
The Asian green mussel (Perna viridis)

Always take a second out from all the booze and food to make sure your bikini is in place!

Everything tastes better by the beach I say! Ginger Ale at Lamai Beach – Koh Samui

Two places to go for the nights – Bangra Street in Phuket & Chaweng Beach Road – Koh Samui

Make sure to prep yourself with some amazing street food before your binge-ing quest for the night.

Treat yourself to a fresh Watermelon juice the next morning to soothe your liver from the previous night.

Chill/Tan on the beach some more…

Take some ‘beachy’ pics that you always take

Stick to traditional Thai food to keep the energy levels high even through massive hangovers.

And manage to see atleast one sunrise or sunset during the holiday. I like to believe it brings good luck! Sunsets are easier coz lets face it, its a vacation, noone should have to wake up that early!

|Polka Dotted Bikini – Marks & Spencer||Striped Bikini – Forever 21||Sunnies – RayBan & Zara||Hat – Borrowed|
Thats Thailand for me! I haven’t included Bangkok in this. That will be another post where I can write a bit about the shopping part even though I am not as avid a shopper as I may seem to be. Beaches, booze and food always get my motor running much faster than the prospect of shopping. But still I did manage to pick up a few tid-bits. All that for next time!
Hope you enjoyed the post!

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