{ Stylaned } – Shrubs of Steel feat. Anand Bhushan

When I saw Anand Bhushan’s “Junkyard” show at The Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week AW2012 by FDCI, I knew I would definitely be doing a feature on it! With crazy creativity like that its hard to tell what must be going on in that mind of his…but he agreed! Apart from picking up a gorgeous and ‘heavy-duty’ jacket from his ‘Junkyard’ collection, I also picked up a very different, light and delicate tunic from one of his previous collections as well. It was too pretty to pass.

It is a completely different experience to ‘see’ his garments & then actually hold them and wear them. They all have an individuality to them – with the excruciating attention to details, surface ornamentation, impeccable finishing and the fit! The monster of a jacket that I chose to feature seemed like it would behave like a pile of scrap but surprisingly it had form. Its heavy no doubt and has so much work into it and yet Bhushan managed to give it form so that it can sit on your body. And that must NOT have been easy.
With such a grand garment, accessories should be kept to a minimum. I could have actually done without my hoops too! The oversized ‘Ketchup Bags’ Clutch however went perfectly.

The tunic was a breeze to handle in comparison but then again it was from an entirely different collection.

|Photographs + Art Direction + Post Production: Naina Redhu| |Jacket & Tunic: Anand Bhushan [Facebook] [Twitter]|Clutch: Ketchup Bags [Facebook] [Twitter]| |Ear Hoops: Forever 21| |Shoes: Zara|

There are more photographs to be seen on Naina’s site HERE.

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